I have a problem with firefox when trying to open it

  bendigo 16:50 09 May 2013

I have an hp pavilion pc running windows7. my first action on booting up is to open firefox (version 20.0.1). for some reason it refuses to open until I have made several attempts.eventually the window does appear, but is still non-operational for a while. I can think of no action I have taken to affect it. has anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions please.

  csqwared 16:57 09 May 2013

"has anyone had a similar problem?"

It looks like Mozilla has judging by their support page. If you have access to a machine which will connect to the internet have a look, they have quite a few suggestions/remedies.

  difarn 18:20 09 May 2013

Hee is a link to resetting Firefox. You will see that your Bookmarks, Passwords, Cookies, Browsing History and Web Form Auto Fill will be saved but you may lose extensions and themes and website preferences. I did a reset with the previous version and this did solve the problem but I did have to restore extensions and themes. I use FEBEFirefox add-on to back up Firefox exensions, themes, bookmarks etc so this made it easier.

  bendigo 12:10 10 May 2013

Many thanks to the three of you, will follow your advice and see what happens!

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