I have power but just blank screen

  prodway 12:46 28 Jun 2004

Hi,last week i tried turning my computer on but had lost all power,so i bought myself a new 300w power supply.Now i have power,hds and cd roms light up,cpu fans working but still just a blank screen.(My monitors working btw.)Its like it cant seem to find the spark to start booting up,now im guessing this is down to my CPU?(athlon 2mhz) do you think im right?or could it be my graphics card?Im thinking of upgrading my CPU and mboard anyway so im kind of hoping it is the CPU,but if i buy them and its still the same what should i do?Anyway,Hope someone can point me in the right direction.Cheers,Paul.

  stlucia 13:14 28 Jun 2004

You say fans etc. are working, so does it sound like its booting up -- do you get the single beep -- but just nothing on the screen?

Any chance you dislodged your video card or the monitor connection while you had the case off to install the new PSU?

  Stuartli 13:59 28 Jun 2004

As stlucia points out it could be an incorrectly seated graphics card or something else disturbed whilst installing the new PSU.

Go through everything with a fine toothcomb to ensure they are correctly installed, seated, fixed etc.

  Gongoozler 16:25 28 Jun 2004

As has been said already, the important thing to check for is that single beep to tell you that the motherboard has checked itself and all is ok. If you don't get that, open the box and look to see if everything is plugged in properly. If you still don't get any joy, then it is possible that your power supply failing caused some other damage. Unplug everything from the motherboard except the cpu with its heatsink, power supply, power switch and case speaker. Switch on and you should get a BIOS beep indicating that there is a problem (no memory or graphics card). This won't be the short single beep that indicates that everything is ok, but a long beep or series of beeps indicating a problem. If you do get a beep signal, start fitting the components starting with the graphics card and memory until you fail to get the beep. You will then know what is causing the failure.

  prodway 19:41 28 Jun 2004

Ok,Thanks guys.Iv tried what u said Gongoozler.Iv took everything out but the cpu,power supply,heatsink and fan and theres still no beep.(whereas there used to be before my problem)So would i be right in thinking then that its the cpu?Iv tried another mboard aswell so it cant be the mboard.what do you think?also Could it by anychance be down to a power surge?

  THE TERMINATOR 19:49 28 Jun 2004

Have you tried a new graphics card?...TT

  prodway 07:07 29 Jun 2004

TT..I have tried my graphics card in my brothers computer.Paul.

  Gongoozler 08:12 29 Jun 2004

Hi prodway. Without specialist knowledge and test equipment it's impossible to say exactly what has failed and what caused it. A power supply failure can generally be categorised into two modes. The output regulators can fail short circuit causing an excessively high voltage to be delivered, or it can fail open circuit causing a low, or even no output voltage. Often a short circuit will be quickly followed by an open circuit! According to the design this can be isolated to just one voltage supply or several. By your tests, the probablity is that the cpu has failed. The internal geometry of a cpu, with millions of transistors on a very small area of silicon would make it susceptible to damage from even a small over-voltage.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:46 29 Jun 2004

Have you tried your brothers monitor in place of yours....TT

  prodway 07:08 30 Jun 2004

No TT.Mt monitor comes on with a message"your monitor is working,activate by turning on computer".Also im not getting the beeps from the motherboard which gongoozler said i should hear.Thanks,Paul.

  xania 09:15 30 Jun 2004

For my money, no beeps means one of two things - either no connection from the mobo to the internal speaker/inernal speaker failure or mobo failure. The fact that you had to replace the power supply could mean that when it blew it took any number of other items with it. You've tried the CPU with another mobo, so my guess is that they've both gone together. I have known a faulty mobo to knock out the CPU. I would go the whole hog and take the opportunity of replacing both mobo and CPU. Of course, you will then have to reinstall your OS, unless you can get an exact copy of the mobo you have lost. However, perhaps, test your CPU, graphics card and RAM in another PC first to see what else has been damaged.

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