I Have poor eyesight

  Dekka123 11:25 30 Jan 2005

I am partially sighted and I wonder if anyone could advise me as to the possibility of outputting my computer onto a tv to enable me to see it better. I have a G.Force 5200 Graphics card and my o/s is XP Pro with SP2. What sort of cost would be involved and what results might I expect. As always thanks very mich in advance.

  PA28 11:30 30 Jan 2005

Have you looked at the accessibility options in Windows which are designed to assist people with impaired senses? I think this would be a better route as the quality of graphic output on a TV is actually frighteningly poor - whatever the mechanics of the issue.

  ACOLYTE 11:31 30 Jan 2005

To be honest i dont think out putting to a TV would get you better results than the monitor can,you could try setting the screen resolution to say 800x600 or even 640x480 and increasing the icon size of your current resolution,also there is the accessability options in xp theses might help improve the visual side of things for you.

  johnnyrocker 11:34 30 Jan 2005

you need to make sure your graphics has a tv out facility (usually svs) audio would need to be connected seperately mine is set up via my video so that the scart adapter accepts svs input and audio phono, i also got this click here for my nvidia card and all works swimmingly also enabling video recording from pc.


  SEASHANTY 11:37 30 Jan 2005

If you haven't already instaqlled the Mozilla Firefox browser then do so from here
click here You can increase the text size on this browser in increments by holding down CTRL and each press of the "+" key will increase the
text size. To decrease just hold down CTRL and press the "-" key. As mentioned above TV graphics are extremely poor and prob will not suit you.

  Dekka123 11:39 30 Jan 2005

Thanks for your comments Acolyte I have got my display set to 800 x 600 and I am using the magnifier programm in XP but I still have to put my nose against the scree to see it. I fully appreciate that I am better off than a good many more but it would be nice to improve my situation if at all possible.

  johnnyrocker 11:43 30 Jan 2005

if you have a wheel mouse you can do the same in ie by holding ctrl and using the wheel, you could also enable this if it does not work first time by tools/internet options/accesability and tick ignore font sizes specified by web page.


  SEASHANTY 11:44 30 Jan 2005

There was a previous thread on this awhile back
click here

  goonerbill © ® 11:46 30 Jan 2005

using your T.V. as a monitor is not very good. its ok for DVD's and most games but for TEXT its extremely poor.

your best option may be a larger monitor.

  bof:) 11:50 30 Jan 2005

Hi Dekka123,

have you tried using Mozilla ? Its much better than Internet Explorer for reading webpages.

The text zoom goes up to 300%

click here


  Dekka123 12:08 30 Jan 2005

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice. I am now going through them I think I will have a look at a bigger monitor because thanks to advice received the tv idea has now been abandoned. I will keep yo posted thanks again

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