i have a pc that wont except one gig of ram.

  sidmo 19:32 25 May 2005

sorry about the message i was checking to see if working has my message wouldnt go threw earlier an ive had to type it again.

i have a pc that wont except one gig of ram.

its windows xp pro, sp2, bios ver 6 i think.

it will except 768 (minus a bit for the graphics)

on the start up it regonizes the ram. but freezes at the memory test.

on the start up theres a date. after that some numbers apear but only when u put the one gig in.

is there any way to make it except one gig?

  Forum Editor 19:36 25 May 2005

we need to know what motherboard you have - make and model number.

Unfortunately you can't just slap any old RAM modules into any motherboard and expect it all to work - different boards require different types of memory.

Please post back with the information I've mentioned and we'll take it from there.

  sidmo 19:40 25 May 2005

Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 02/14/2001

well i have two 512mb sticks both excatly the same bought from the same place at the smae time and when i put them both in it freezes. but seperatly they work

  jack 19:43 25 May 2005

Do as the Editor asks for this forum.
How ever the finite answer lies at click here
Get this site up on the web. download the system checker program, it will inerrogate your system and tell exactly what memory the system takes and homuch of it.
Will reccomend what to order and the price.

  Forum Editor 19:48 25 May 2005

but as you already have the RAM we'll see if one of us can come up with the answer anyway. A quick check shows me that your board needs PC100/133 SDRAM - is this what you bought?

  sidmo 19:53 25 May 2005

yeap its pc 133 sdram. its the right ram ive bought pc 133 sdram at a smaller size before for the same machine but i decided to uprgade to 1gb all together as 512 wasnt enough.

the old ram that was in it was sd ram 133 before i upgrade it the first time.

  sidmo 20:37 25 May 2005

have used crucials system checker and it confirms that this motherboard can accept 1 gig ram

  Joe R 20:41 25 May 2005


looking at the date of your bios, I would suggest it maybe needs a bios update to accommodate 1Gb.

  sidmo 18:31 26 May 2005

cause i dont really wanna do that. could it be anything else? is there another way round it??

  Forum Editor 18:40 26 May 2005

If the BIOS won't accept 1 Gb you'll need to update it, or get a new motherboard. The only other possivbility is that you have a faulty RAM module, and it's easy to find out - just use each module on its own.

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