I have made a "faux pas" somewhere

  Sheila-214876 15:14 05 Feb 2004

As a "beginner" I have taken over the maintenance of this site click here which was originally built by someone in Holland. I had to update it a few days ago from 2003 to 2004. The updating went fine and now shows up but for some reason I cannot get the Links at the top of the page (in the German Version) to show without using the scroll buttons. In the English version the links are there on one line. I am using Dreamweaver MX and I have tried making the section containing the links larger, smaller, wider etc. but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone point me in the right direction please.

  Wilf50 17:04 05 Feb 2004

Hi, you seem to have the top section on the german site in bigger scroll bars which are controlled by your style sheet. It also looks like it is made up in two frames. Knock the frames out and use tables instead, fixing the positions to middle and it should look great on both sites.

  Sheila-214876 17:15 05 Feb 2004

Wilf50. Thank you for your response. Not sure I understand what you are saying but will give it a try. Can I not delete the german links and copy the english links in and then just change the words from english to german?

  Wilf50 18:14 05 Feb 2004

What I mean is, the style sheets code at the top of the page......<link rel="stylesheet" href="format.css" type="text/css">......which is a separate page of code that the browser accesses to layout the page, looks to be formatting the page in frames, thereby giving you the two sets of scroll bars etc. By deleting the links as you suggest, all that will happen is that when you re upload, the style sheets will overwrite you deletions and you will be back to the start again. Style sheets are great except in this type of situation. You can alter the style sheet page or get somebody else to do it, or delete it and construct two pages with tables, one in each language.

  Sheila-214876 11:02 07 Feb 2004

Wilf50. I tried my way (the easy way out, I thought) by copy and paste the English links and, although everything works OK It is like you said. Back to square one. The scroll bar is still there. Am now working on a copy of the site (in case I mess it up) and doing what you said using tables. Sorry for not taking your advice in the first place. I have done another site in English and French which is working fine so hopefully, I can sort the German one out. I speak German and my partner speaks French.

  PurplePenny 12:32 07 Feb 2004

Thought I replied to this before .. I meant to let you know that when I looked at it in Opera the German and English top links were the same size - no scrolling.


  Sheila-214876 12:43 07 Feb 2004

PurplePenny. Funny you should say "Thought I replied to this before" because I also thought I had replied with my above response on Friday but when I checked today it wasn't there, so I posted it again. I put it down to "old age". Anyway thanks for your response Opera has got it right then? They are also the same size in Dreamweaver MX but when they are uploaded they are different. I am using IE6.

  PurplePenny 15:11 07 Feb 2004

No,no,no!! Information overload :-)

I'll try it in Mozilla and see what that makes of it.

  PurplePenny 15:16 07 Feb 2004

It's OK in Mozilla too. In IE I get both an up/down scroll and a side to side scroll.

OH the joys of cross browser compatibility.

  Sheila-214876 15:24 07 Feb 2004

Having looked again at what Wilf50 has said, using tables instead of frames seems to be a rebuild of the whole site. To me, only learning, that sounds awesome, but I am prepared to give it go. In the meantime I will leave it as it is and hope that anyone who looks at the German version realises there is a scroll bar for the links.

  Sheila-214876 15:30 07 Feb 2004

Thanks Penny. What I don't understand is that on the English version the links are all on one line and although there is a scroll bar it is not needed. On the German version the links appear to be on two lines, maybe it is the "bullet points" that is causing the problem?

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