I Have Lost the Restart Button.

  prince midas 16:46 27 Jan 2009

Since I altered my icon size on the Desktop from 96 to 98 I notice that in the start button which is vista classic I now have only a memory save button and a lock button.
Where is my restart and shutdown button gone.

  prince midas 17:44 27 Jan 2009

I have reverted back to the default setting of 96 for my desktop icons and have now got back in my startbuttom the 3 settings including the far right setting which dissapeared which gave me the shutdown setting and restart as before.
But what is even more confusing is that the icons although they say are 96 setting they are actually 98 as before with a reading of 96.
How do I know,because the names of the icons are now too big to fit in the title icon space,very strange,any ideas.

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