I have just barred premium rate....

  Godfather2004 15:21 13 Jan 2004

I have just barred premium rate for my BT line but is this free, i am worried as my collegue said it costs like £1.50 a month. Has anyone else blocked it and do they know if it costs?


  keenan 15:28 13 Jan 2004

Free, yes but not very well publicised by BT.

Wonder why mmmmm....

  Godfather2004 15:31 13 Jan 2004

Yeh i was worried about dialers so i had it banned yesterday! Phew! safe now.

  sgtdibble 18:20 13 Jan 2004

it is free but to reinstall it you have to apply in writing you can't just phone them >>>

  Sheila-214876 18:20 13 Jan 2004

I think if you ask the supplier to bar calls they will charge you. But you should have the facility to bar and unbar calls yourself using the * and # keys. I don't know what they are for BT as I am on NTL but I can bar and unbar calls myself at no cost. If I ask NTL to do it for me it costs £1 a month.

  spuds 23:35 13 Jan 2004

Don't forget that placing a block on premium rate numbers may hinder certain genuine helplines and competitions, should you wish to use them. Always the mobile phone, but it will cost you far more.

BT with barr premium lines for free, but it may show on your bill as £0.00 for accounting purposes.

  Mike ® 23:38 13 Jan 2004

DOn't forget it will only block UK premium rate numbers.

  g0slp 23:52 13 Jan 2004

Isn't there a way to block International calls as well?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:16 14 Jan 2004

In the States you can block International calls. I've searched the BT site and there is no mention of blocking in. calls. Perhaps an email to BT customer services or even a phone call;-)) will help.


  tbh72 10:53 14 Jan 2004

click here

The above link is a PDF file from BT, it's not as easy to set call barring as you might think. You have to 1. Order the service, 2. Request a password & finally 3. Set your required options.

I have broadband, despite using call barring it failed on several occassions. I have since removed the 56kbps modem from the computer & no longer subscribe to the call barring feature.

  Sheila-214876 10:53 14 Jan 2004

With NTL I have four options to activate call barring using a combination of *+ a figure + #. They are Premium Rate, International, National (including Non Geographical like 0845 etc) and All. It doesn't affect 999 calls or 0800 calls. If I do need to make a call to a barred number all I do is prefix the number with a "pin" number to overide the barring. If NTL can do it, surely BT must be able to provide the same service.

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