i have had enough from Norton internet security

  bibo1465 00:14 09 Apr 2005

hi everyone one

please i need your help. I have windows xp home edition SP2, with Norton systemworks 2003 professional edition2003,and norton internet security 2003.

Everytime i tried to access any web site it keeps saying (the page can not be displayed). i have had enough from these.

I scan my pc using norton internet security program called:(program internet enabled).

It block everything all the web page.If i type a web page and on the right side of the address bar, i press the Green arrow(GO) 3 or 4 times for the page sometimes to come up.

If i disable the norton internet security, i can open it open any web page i want.

I was downloading movies with the norton internet security disabled, when i ENABLE NIS i lost the download.

Can you please help me solving this problem, and thank you so much for your help in advance.

My kindest regards

  Lettervanman 10:26 09 Apr 2005

Have you sent an email to Symantic detailing your problem?
The service is free but not instant,may take a day or two for reply but it worked in my case.

  dogbreath1 10:46 09 Apr 2005

Bin the resource hog. Get Avast or AVG free antivirus progs. and Zone Alarm, Kerio or Sygate firewalls. Use the search facility on the lhs of this page... search for Norton. It makes dire reading. Apparently Norton is very invasive and takes a bit of removing...but there are guys on this forum who have already done it and I'm sure that they will help you out if you should need it.

  airmiles 10:54 09 Apr 2005

get rid of it i had similar prob's with it.but now a day's i've got rid of all my security and zone alarm spy ware its all crap now.i now use microsoft anti spyware it does everything the other progy's are supposed to do.free D/L from microsoft site (BETA).its good though and saves on space.

  joethebow 13:36 09 Apr 2005

Dump the programme and get:

1. AVG7. It's free and excellent. click here

2. Microsoft Anti-spyware Betta. click here or click here

3. I use Mcafee Firewall which came free with AOL. However the XP firewall isn't too bad.

  Starfox 13:56 09 Apr 2005

Must agree with the others,get rid of Norton and get AVG from joethebow's link,you won't regret it.

  keithlik 14:20 09 Apr 2005

Kick ass and try Free AVG

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:37 09 Apr 2005

I suggest you do as Lettervanman posted above and email Symantec and await their response. Your problem with the film download is likely to have been the site you were downloading from and not your firewall. Many of those sites will not function with a firewall enabled. Norton Systemworks and Internet Security are among the best utility and security software available and I would not ditch them in favour of the free alternatives. I have been using Norton software, currently the same versions as you, for 7 years with very few problems. If you do dump the Norton's don't rely on the Windows firewall, it's not good enough.

  bibo1465 14:50 09 Apr 2005

hi everyone

I would like to thank you for every quick reply i received from you.

Before i look for the other reply, i have already uninstall norton(systemworks and norton internet security 2003), and reinstall Norton(system works ,norton personal firewall 2002).
I updated all the live update files, IT WORKS FINE. I can open any web site i want.FINALLY.

Again thank you for all your help

My kindest regards

Im still trying to delete Norton properly (any suggestions out there)in the mean time use AVG7 it is very good and I have never had any conflicts using it.

  bibo1465 00:16 10 Apr 2005

go to add remove program,then look for norton software you want to uninstall,then click change>remove all>when you uninstall norton>restart computer.

If this doesn't work,there is removal tools in symantec website.tell me what software you want to delete,and which version examply(2003.or 2004 etc...) and i will send you the removal tools, because every software has a different removal tools.

good luck

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