I have a ghost, This is weird

  User-312386 14:29 27 Feb 2005

Hi all

I have a folder called "hellboymovie only", it is in My Documents\My Received Files

I deleted this folder, only for it to return on every boot up

Any ideas?

I have carried out a Virus check

Done spy bot

And carried out adware

Sorry i should have said that i made this folder ages ago for my little boy

  Technotiger 14:35 27 Feb 2005

Hi, not sure if this would do the trick, but -
use Search to find the folder (even though you know where it is) then highlight and delete any occurrences within the Search window.


  Technotiger 14:36 27 Feb 2005

ps - then do a re-boot.

  User-312386 15:33 27 Feb 2005

Resolved guys

looks like i had a problem with the recycle bin

I did a search and the folder was still in the Recycler, although it was not listed as being there.

I dont know why, so i ran Disc Check and the problem has resolved itself

weird eh

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