I have a dream....

  onamatappear 22:31 17 Feb 2013

of a computer that works properly, that actually does what its supposed to do. A computer that doesn't take an excruciating eternity to do the simplest commands, boots up the same day its switched on and doesn't make me want to get a big hammer and smash it to pieces. I have an oldish desktop (compaq presario with pentium 4, 2.8ghz with hyperthreading tech, 512mb ddr - 120gb hard drive)I use the computer for surfing the net and photo editing (i have a lot of pictures saved on the computer). What I need to know is this computer beyond help? Or is there something i can do to revive it? Its so slow its like extracting teeth and i am struggling to control an urge to obliterate it. Also can anybody recommend a decent laptop that will surf quickly, play the odd basic kids game and generally work in a sensible way and not cause similar heartache!

  lotvic 00:23 18 Feb 2013

(cough) you seem to be describing the ideal woman/man....

  lotvic 00:28 18 Feb 2013

... and finding one of those is nigh on impossible too ;0)

  wee eddie 04:16 18 Feb 2013

Buy a Mac. Everything you need is included

  mole1944 06:18 18 Feb 2013

Not beyond help save all your data,reinstall windows and your pc should be back to it's old self,the machine is probably full of rubbish where you've installed/removed software,however try ccleaner first when you open it run cleaner then registry on the left side you'de be surprised the amount of crud a pc accumulates,that's plan "A",plan "B" is a complete wipe rienstall that will really get rid of crud.

  finerty 10:14 18 Feb 2013

ok how can i order one of you

  Peter 10:20 18 Feb 2013


I would imagine that "512mb ddr - 120gb hard drive" aren't exactly speeding up your computer.

Perhaps 2GB of RAM (check with the Crucial website for what, and how much, your machine can use) and a 500GB hard drive would improve matters somewhat?


  Terry Brown 10:54 18 Feb 2013

If you are using XP then the minimum memory you need is 2GB, also if you hard drive is quite full this can seriously slow down your computer.

Consider a USB drive for storing your Photo's-Video's etc on as this will help to free up space on your system.

Have you de-fragmented your drive recently?

Every time you chage a program XP tries to re-index the system, turn this off by the following method:

Open My Computer, RIGHT click on adrive and select Properties, unclick the indexing service,you may get asked about changing attributes, this changes the indexing status, but does not affect the programs.


  woodchip 13:24 18 Feb 2013

I run XP on a Dual boot Desktop 512Mb and that's not slow

CPU is also smaller than yours, Reason for only 512 is its Dual Boot with Wn98se I also use Fat 32 on all the internal drives as Win98 cannot see NTFS i also have HP Centrino Laptop that only as 1Gig Ram this all that can be installed in it, Runs perfect on XP Home.. You need to remove all your Photos and Doc's to a External Drive the Run Disk Clean-up. By Right click on C:\Properties

  bremner 17:37 18 Feb 2013

"The minimum memory you need is 2GB"

I am sorry but 2GB is great if you can afford it but can never be described as minimum.

Microsoft unrealistically say 64MB is minumum and 128MB recommended but 1GB is more than adequate for what the OP describes as their use.

  onamatappear 18:28 18 Feb 2013

Thanks to all, for you advice. A few things, I have discovered my pictures folder is 40gb. Would this be the cause of the computer being slow? Also I have an external hard drive thingybob which i have saved the pictures on, however is this adequate as these are precious pictures of my little ones! Can I simply have these pictures on the external hard drive and remove them off my desktop? Should i get an additional storage device. Also how do you perform this magical disk clean up and de-frag that you speak off? If I have to increase memory, how do i determine if the computer can accomadate extra memory and if so how much.

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