I have a dead phone line

  ened 17:52 05 May 2004

which will accept incoming calls.
BT says there is a network fault which they will repair by Friday.
I remain connected with Broadband fine except if I try to make a telephone call.When I try to dial out it disconnects the Broadband.
Does anyone understand the setup enough to explain if this is a BT problem or if I also have a dodgy filter or something?

  matthew-293741 17:58 05 May 2004

i had the exact same problem as you not 2 weeks ago...do you know what the problem was?...water in my junction box...whomever fitted it first time round hadn't sealed it correctly. (junction box is the little grey thing attached to your property!!)

  ened 18:11 05 May 2004

Are you saying it is a purely external problem?
I have been using BB for about ten weeks with no problems so there is no reason the filter should have failed.
It just seems strange that people can call us and BB stays connected yet as soon as I try to dial out the BB connection is interrupted.
It would be useful if somebody who understands could explain.

  Graham ® 19:31 05 May 2004

If BT has diagnosed a network fault, this would be a fault anywhere between your master socket and the local exchange. BT will give you a commitment time of two days, but you may get a visit tomorrow.

Meanwhile, test your line yourself by dialling 151 and follow the prompts.

  ened 17:11 07 May 2004

Problem was an underground cable fault.
Plus side was that having spoken to the engineer I now have a better understanding of how Broadband works.

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