I have a continual reboot problem on windows 98

  midgehole 09:48 18 Apr 2003

I hope someone can help me with this.
The PC is pentium 3 300 mhz with Creative CT4810 sound card, Voodoo3 graphics card, 64mb ram, 4 ghz drive, and cdrw. OS = windows 98. power supply 300watt.

The problem - continual cyclic reboot after start up.

tried so far - format hard drive and re-install everything.
Check for duplicated hardware entries in device manager.
remove and re-plug voodoo3 card.

I have no ide what to try next but soemthing tels me that it maybe the graphics card.

can anyone please help ?


  Lozzy 10:02 18 Apr 2003

Can you tell me what a 4 ghz drive is??? and where you bought it as i would like one.. Also what is in your startup folder?? Lastly when did this start to happen?? Was it after you downloaded something or installed something? If yes what was it..

  midgehole 10:10 18 Apr 2003

4 gig hd sorry
start up folder - ill have to check is there something i should be looking to get rid of in there? - the pc's at home and im at work so i will repost tuesday that info.

the pc is not and has not been connected to the internet for over a year.

it has happened on and off sinmce the PC was new 2 years ago...but since i gave it to my mum as a birthday present i feel responsible to bottom the problem. Having formatted the HD this week its spiral into reboot cycle after one day is quicker than has happened before, although this time i did take someones advice to reset the bios setting by shorting the MB battery across.

  seedie 10:48 18 Apr 2003

It's normal to disconnect the batt. to reset the bios. I hope "shorting the MB battery" was a typo.


  dazadude 10:52 18 Apr 2003

My old PC had an Abit BX-6 motherboard and it used to randomly reset itself or just switch off (not shut down properly).

It did it from new, but sometimes it went months without doing it and then it would do it all the time for a while, totally randomly.

When I upgraded to Windows ME (from 98) I discovered that it was going into sleep mode (I didn't tell it to) before switching off. So I guessed it wasn't going into sleep mode properly and deactivated power saving and disconnected the standby button on the front. This made no difference.

I sent it back under warranty and they said it was the sound card, then the prob came back so they had it again and replaced the PSU. Then the next time the prob came back it was out of warranty so I had a go myself.

I discovered that when I put my finger over the pins on the motherboard where the front panel switches and LEDs connect to the problem kept happenning (maybe not so suprising). So I thought maybe it was getting some sort of interference on those wires and I wrapped one of those ferrite rings around them (it didn't have one before).

I had previously done a resistance check on the power switch and it checked out OK but just incase, I connected the standby switch in place of the power switch (leaving the power switch disconnected).

My girlfriend has had that computer now since about last October and it hasn't switched off or reset itself once. So It could be the ferrite ring but I think more likely the power switch (I didn't bother eliminating one or the other).

In your case it sounds like it could be the reset switch, but you might want to try all the above!

Good luck.

  midgehole 11:02 18 Apr 2003

thanks for that last reply

the MB is a BE6-II which is a near miss to the one you have.

when the pc was new, it was built by a so-called frined who is no longer. after about one month the pc would not boot up at all - almost like it coulnot produce enough power to get past a certain point - thus reseting itaself and having another go. I took it back and my friend could not resolve the problem so he changed the motherboard to this all singing BE6-II, charging me a small fee in the process. perhaps at this point he missed insulating the switch connections to the mother board - ill take a look at this over the weekend.

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