I have been told to upgrade to 2.0 but 2.12 is only one available.

  woodman-46 09:31 12 Jan 2012

I have a laptop that of its own accord turns itself off without warning and reboots. I have been told to "upgrade to bios 2.0 but when I go to the relevant section for my machine on the Acer website the only one available is 2.12. Presumably 2.12 is the correct one but as people are suggesting 2.0 I am confused. Are they one and the same. Any advice welcome. Thanks

  Ian in Northampton 10:05 12 Jan 2012

At a guess - and it is a guess - I'd have thought that you'd be OK. It looks like you need Version 2.0, and 2.12 would be Version 2.0, update 12. Which is probably more stable than the original version 2.0...

  bjh 10:13 12 Jan 2012

It depends who is telling you to upgrade the BIOS. This is something that can go wrong, so should not be undertaken lightly.

Can you give more detail on what it is that goes wrong, and what model is it. How old is the machine?

Who is telling you to upgrade the BIOS?

  woodman-46 12:11 12 Jan 2012

Thanks for your answers. I have been onto many forums about this and again many people who have had this problem have upgraded the bios and it has solved the problem ( I think Acer are advising it themselves because it is a well known issue) The laptop is an Acer aspire 7735g about 2 years old. I would imagine if the bios showing for this machine is the 2.12 on the Acer site then that would be the correct one to upgrade to if needed. Acer are not replying at the moment. Thanks

  bjh 13:40 12 Jan 2012

OK, is the reboot a new issue?

So long as you have got the correct BIOS for your machine, you should be OK. .12 will just be a more recent version than 2, as Ian suggests.

It might be worth getting opinion on here as to whether the BIOS upgrade will solve your problem... after all, if something else is causing it, the BIOS upgrade may do nothing to help, and may cause further issues.

  Terry Brown 15:46 12 Jan 2012

It seems as if ACER has found a fault, possibly linked to microsoft updates and needs to update the BIOS to take advantage of the updated system.

Provided you check carefully that you have the right BIOS for your machine, there should be no problems, however I suggest you make a backup of your current BIOS.

Without knowing model and specs, I can only offer general info- Try this page for more info.



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