I have 2 windows folders on my p.c.????????

  bison 15:53 30 Apr 2005

I have just been "cleaning up" my kids p.c. & discovered 2 "windows" folders next to one another. Each contains exactly the same windows system folders in each but with different modified dates.
I did not want to reformat the p.c. but windows will not allow me to delete either, stating it is a system folder and deleting it will not allow windows to run properly.I have never touched windows so how did this happen & how do I get rid of one of them without reformatting? It is windows ME edition that is running.
Thanks in advance.

  ade.h 15:58 30 Apr 2005

Annoying though it is, I would suggest that you leave it as is for now. Provided, of course, that Win ME is otherwise behaving itself and the duplicate folders don't appear to be causing any problems.
I don't think that there is any way to remove it without a re-installation, but you might try a cleanup utility like CCleaner.

  bison 16:29 30 Apr 2005

Sorry ade.h for the length of time replying but I have just been downloading Ccleaner trial version which the basic package did not help. As you will be aware the cleaner has a duplicate file name removal tool but is only available to purchasing users. I am reluctant to purchase the full package in case it does not work & has wasted my money.But thankyou for your quick reply

  ade.h 16:47 30 Apr 2005

I can appreciate your concern; I only use the free version, as I tend to with most two-version products. Given Windows' zealous protection of "important" files and folders, I think that you are right to suspect that it might not make any difference.

Refresh your thread occasionally, in case it gets spotted by someone with the magic cure!

  gudgulf 17:19 30 Apr 2005

Ccleaner (crapcleaner) is free.....click here so I'm not sure what you are using.It doesn't matter really as it wont remove the additional folder.

I recommend that if your pc is running well then leave things as they are.Right click the Windows folders in turn and select properties....that will tell you how much space eachis occupying on the hard drive.If you are not running short of space don't tempt fate.Unless you know exactly what you are deleting you might end up with an unstable or non functioning system.

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