I hate windows Vista

  jow1962 07:33 16 Sep 2009

I have two desktop computers running on XP which I have been using for years without any problems.My 10 year old son has a an HP laptop running on vista buisness which I am quite happy with as well.
Lately I bought an Acre Intensa laptop running on Vista home premium, after I started using the internet the thing started crashing, I had trouble using usb drives, programs would not open and it would not even shut down. The shop I bought the PC from gave me a new pc which did the same things. I was told that if I wanted a different operating system I would have to buy one as all pc these days come with windows Vista.

  rawprawn 07:52 16 Sep 2009

It's not the operating system that is causing the problem, but if it is a new PC the retailer should sort the problem out.

  stlucia 08:19 16 Sep 2009

Are you talking about the programs the laptop came with, or ones you've loaded since? If they came with the laptop, then I agree with rawprawn that the retailer should sort things out for you.

But, if you've loaded older software (or hardware) that you already had for Win XP, then there's a good chance it won't work properly. That's why I uninstalled Vista from my new PC a while back, and installed XP.

  rawprawn 08:34 16 Sep 2009

I agree with what stlucia says,that is what I meant really but didn't put it very well.

  jow1962 09:22 16 Sep 2009

The retailer found nothing wrong with the hardware but he still gave me a new pc after a month and the same thing happened within two days. I only installed msn messenger and myheritage program, i even suspected one of the windows updates, besides that I have another 3 pcs and only the one with vista home is the problem. it must be vista.

  ventanas 09:44 16 Sep 2009

It's nothing whatsoever to do with Vista, it is a far superior system to XP, despite what the biased may say. I have never had a problem with it, and use it with five PC's.
There must be something integral to this particular machine that is causing the problem, perhaps a faulty batch of a particular component. Go back to the retailer.

  daveeb 10:59 16 Sep 2009

I find Vista anything but superior to XP when it won't run half the software or hardware that all runs fine with XP. I have 4 pc's, the one with Vista hardly gets used, i just can't see any advantage it can offer over XP.

  Sea Urchin 12:02 16 Sep 2009

You say your son has a laptop running Vista, and you're quite happy with that. As others have said Vista is not the problem.

Have you tried investigating why the system started crashing? You say it happened "after you started using the Internet" so again Vista seemed fine before that.

<< I had trouble using USB drives, programs would not open and it would not even shut down. >>

All these problems you mention can be caused by many issues, and need be nothing to do with the operating system.

  jow1962 14:58 16 Sep 2009

I wish I was as optimistic about vista as some people but as daveeb said XP is much more user friendly and whatever i did with vista which may have caused the problems I did with XP first and I never had any problems and I can see from these forums that vista is not very popular so I will probably never buy another pc unless it has a different operating system than vista

  jow1962 15:01 16 Sep 2009

PS just to be on the safe side I will probably avoid Buying Acer as well.

  ened 15:48 16 Sep 2009

It is all very well people telling you there is something wrong with Vista because it won't run certain programmes.

If you are that desperate there is a thing called 'Compatibility Mode'.

When XP came out it not only wouldn't run many programmes which were okay in Win98 but also refused to accept anything but the most recent Hardware.

Surely nobody is trying to claim '98 was superior to XP?

If your (ONE) Vista machine was working out of the box I would suggest you give it a thorough check after every installation. It might be that one of your programmes is asking for more memory than the machine has?

You have said there is nothing wrong with the other machine running Vista and if you want to try a different make of machine I would recommend HP/Compaq.

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