I got my laptop back from the tech guys today.

  SJM_81 18:13 16 Apr 2011

They told me they might not be able to change the battery due to it not being covered. When it went into repair the battery wasn't working at all. Now it works but its been charging hours and has only charged 20%.

Have they done something to get a bit of life out my old battery, or is it likely they have replaced it with a dodgy one?

  lotvic 18:20 16 Apr 2011

Could be either. Have you no paperwork to say what work they have done?

How old is the laptop? When did you buy it and from where?

Also what was the fault that caused you to send it to the Tech Guys?

and of course, what make and model is it?

  woodchip 18:24 16 Apr 2011

How old the Laptop, as battery as to be covered by warranty for some time and depends on use and length of time you have had it

  Forum Editor 18:27 16 Apr 2011

"They told me they might not be able to change the battery due to it not being covered."

Covered by what? It's certainly covered by the Distance selling regulations if it's less than six months old. Otherwise it may be covered under the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act.

Much depends on the date of purchase. Tell us when you bought the machine from PC World and we'll be better placed to offer advice.

  SJM_81 18:32 16 Apr 2011

Ive got paper work but they haven't ticked the boxers for what works been done. It was mainly the AC adapter and touch pad it went in for.

Its quite an old laptop, but Ive stupidly been paying the £10 pound a month for about 6 years so thought I'd get it repaired before stopping the direct debit.

Its a Compaq presario v600.


  SJM_81 18:50 16 Apr 2011

Well that's strange, i had the laptop on since 11 am and it only charged to 20%. I thought the power meter was wrong so unplugged the power and it lasted about 20 minutes. Ive just checked the power meter again, been on charge just over an hour, and its at 100 % now?

  robin_x 19:03 16 Apr 2011

Could be hopeful (but don't get hopes up)

Battery may need 'calibration' after all this time with dodgy charger.

Run down and full recharge 3 times to see what the levels settle at.

Don't forget to cancel DD. I must get onto my brother who did same recently (6 months ago) and wishes he hadn't.

I bet he has forgotten. Busy man.

I also have a Compaq. And have had others. Personally, I don't bother replacing battery when they go. On the rare occasions I go out with a laptop, can almost always find a socket.

I had a look for batteries out of interest just now. Compaq seem to be around £40. £27 was cheapest I could see from China.

  SJM_81 19:31 16 Apr 2011


False hope i thing, pulled the power out and it lasted two Min's before it shut down lol!

  Forum Editor 19:35 16 Apr 2011

Don't forget to cancel DD

When you do that, make sure that you notify the recipient - don't just cancel it without telling anyone.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that in ten years you've paid for another decent laptop under this scheme, and now yours is so old that it's probably not worth investing a penny in it. You will have no recourse under Consumer law, because of the age of the machine, and my advice is to do what robinofloxley says, and use it with the mains adapter - forget about the battery altogether.

  woodchip 20:41 16 Apr 2011

£10 a month for six years. would have been cheaper to save and buy a new laptop. think now of the power they have etc compared to your old one. and a lot less money

  SJM_81 21:51 16 Apr 2011

Ok...just never canceled and could afford it. Lesson learnt any way. I'm buying a new laptop but want this one for spare.

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