I got 100 spam emails this morning

  gshep 11:57 14 Nov 2006

I work for a charity and something has got into us. We are getting loads of spam (100 this morning) I am running Spamfighter and using a message rule to divert all the messages marked SPAM by Wanadoo so that most of it goes into a spam folder but it is still a nuisance and time waster and a lot of it is downright objectionable.
A lot of them refer to failed emails that our computer is sending to random addresses.
Is the only answer to change our email address? We are reluctant to do this due to the difficulty of notifying everyone who needs to email us.
All help gratefully received. Spell it out carefully please. I'm not a whiz-kid.

  Jak_1 12:03 14 Nov 2006

everyone nearly is getting them, there is little you can do other than what you are doing.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:21 14 Nov 2006

"A lot of them refer to failed emails that our computer is sending to random addresses."

This suggests your computer is on a botnet. You need to do something fast, before your email address gets blacklisted. Do you have anti-virus and firewall software? If you do, update it now. If not you need o get anti-virus and firewall as a matter of urgency. NOD32 and Zone-alarm can be downloaded free.

You also need to download, update and run anti-malware software. I use Spybot Search and Destroy, AdAware SE and Windows Defender.

  TonyM 12:41 14 Nov 2006

DOn't panic .....As Mr Mistoffelees says it might mean your machine has been compromised, and you should do the checks suggested - BUT most likely is that your email address has been harvested from some mailing list , or the address book of someone who knows you and whose machines is not secured, or from a website somewhere.

Your email address is then used in the "from" field of spam by the spammers to give it more credibility and make it more difficult to trace back to them....it is known as 'spoofing' - and does not in any way mean that your machine has sent the messages. There is nothing much you can do about it, just delete them. The spammers regulary change the addresses they use and they will move on to some other "victim"

  VCR97 20:24 14 Nov 2006

I use web-mail on this computer to check mail for a computer which is switched off for days at a time. Every day I am told that this switched-off computer has sent messages which have failed.

  Terry Brown 20:33 14 Nov 2006

When you set up your email, did you put the full email address in the NAME box ?. What normally happens is, if you only put [e.g. children] in the name box, the spammer will send out emails with random words and wild cards, and if the spammers word is in your name, your machine will download it.

One of the best (and free) options is to put your full email address in the NAME box, so unless the spammer enters your full address, you will not receive it.

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