I feel wanted, but it's bad ain't it...

  powerless 17:52 04 Jan 2003
  powerless 17:52 04 Jan 2003

Well what would you know for the first time in 5 years of using a computer and also being connected the internet. I recieved my first VIRUS about 10 minutes ago. Luckily Norton Antivirus 2003 picked it up and with the blink of an eye up popped another virus warning. I only had gone and recieved the the same virus again via the same emial.

Scared the living hell out of me, it really did. Not nice to see that an email infected with a virus, had come to me.

Both were quarintined and then deleted...

Had a look at the symantec site ( click here ) and had a little read of the virus that was sent to me.

This is the little bugger if you click here and wait a few seconds.

Then i recieived an email from synmantec ...

Symantec Email Proxy deleted the following email message:

From: "Green CARD/Göçmenlik" [email protected] mail.com>
To: Me email Address

Well nice to know that Norton protected me and reading the information on the [email protected] mm virus it appears it wouldn't have done anything becasue i have Microsoft Express patched and all.

Most importantly i update everyday (if there is an update) and have auto protect enabled. Also run a full sytem scan once a week. Well ok i just, ran one now and i'm all clean.


  MAJ 18:33 04 Jan 2003

Don't you use Mailwasher, Powerless? Shame on you ;-)

Still, it's good to see you stopped it in time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:23 04 Jan 2003

As with the vast majority of viruses this will do little harm to a computer. Most viruses, in spite of what the press have to say, are merely annoying (Klez) rather than harmful. Regular updating of any AV will stop most and even if you are infected, they are usually easy to clean and should cause no panic.


  powerless 20:03 04 Jan 2003

MAJ - No mailwasher; me first virus in five years so...

Hopefully no others...

  powerless 22:50 04 Jan 2003

Just checked me hotmail account...

"W32/Yaha.k Virus Found"

I give up.

  powerless 16:26 01 Aug 2004

From 04.01.03 i have had no more viruses to date.

  Sapins 17:14 01 Aug 2004

What, IMHO, a Gormless post, what about beginners who are frightened to death by the mere mention of a virus let alone being faced with the "Easy" job of cleaning it out?

Were you, or perhaps your mother, ever frightened by a virus GANDALF <|:-)> ? might explain a few things ;-))

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