I E Explorer update from from 5.5 to 6 fails

  canute44 22:15 06 Feb 2004

OS Win Me. With everyone updating and advising use of Outlook Express 6 instead of O E 5.5 I have been trying to catch up.I ran Windows up date this evening selected the exclusive update, downloaded it and ran instal. It failed with the message that not all components could be installed, close any open programs and re-run setup. OK did that and was met by the message that a previous instal required re-boot before it could complete. Re-booted and was met by the message to re-run setup which I did and received the message that previous instal required reboot to complete .........a vicious circle. How do I get out of the circle and complete instalation of the update?

  pc moron 23:04 06 Feb 2004

Have a look at click here

  canute44 09:43 07 Feb 2004

Many thanks pc moron . I have just looked at your link which seems to cover the error BUT it requires the renaming of the file wininit.ini. This file is not on my machine! If I delete the Windows Update Setup Files folder and start the update again would that upset anything do you think?

  pc moron 14:50 07 Feb 2004

This link should sort it click here

Create a Restore point first though.

  canute44 15:16 07 Feb 2004

PC Moron, thanks again. I shall try that with my fingers and toes crossed that I do it right!
By coincidence(?)I have today received two e-mails purporting to be from Microsoft referring to security patches and updates. Each contained a virus since deleted using Norton AV! A scan since then shows no viruses. Odd don't you think?

  canute44 17:05 07 Feb 2004

I have just discovered that I cannot carry out a system restore or create one since this update failed. I am told that I need to restart my computer before I can do so. Of course the computer has now been restarted umpteen times.

  961 17:58 07 Feb 2004

Can you try IE6 from a disk?

Usually one on magazine cover cds or Tiscali disk has one you can load separately

  canute44 18:20 07 Feb 2004

961. Good idea! Why is there never one of those darn disks around when you want one? No, seriously I have found an old disk and it does have IE 6 on it. I shall try it but not at the moment as life is just a little hectic this weekend! I'll try it when things are more peaceful but many thanks for the idea!!

  sidecar sid 18:34 07 Feb 2004

Just reading your original post is it IE you're having trouble with as in your title or Outlook Express.

If it's IE then this might be worth looking at.

click here

  canute44 20:35 07 Feb 2004

Sidecar sid. On trying to get an update from Outlook Express 5.5 to Outlook Express 6, I came to the Microsoft Windows Me update site and was told that I should install the exclusive update before any others. Hoping that this might give me Outlook Express 6, I downloaded the update and tried to install it but hit the problem I headlined. So the answer to your question is actually Internet Explorer. Your link takes me to a solution for things hanging but my pc works without hanging. The installation refuses to take and keeps telling me either to reboot or use setup again, which I have done only to end up in the same place - but with the complication that system restore is not available at all, again I get a message that for system restore to work I must reboot which of course has now been done many times to no constructive end. Phew! Why didn't I decide to stick with O E 5.5? This type of problem puts me off updating anything! If it works don't fix it!

  woodchip 20:42 07 Feb 2004

Go to Add Remove and choose to remove, you should then be able to put the original IE back, then load IE6

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