I E Cannot Open Webpage Problem

  Phoenix40 00:28 29 Sep 2011

Hello for the last couple of weeks i seem to have a problem to start opening up my internet browser. Most of the time i get a similar message as above when i start it up. I do usually clear it with a diagnostic test. But most times it keeps happening again. I have tried things like M/S IE Repair;Turn off all addons; disconnecting and reconnecting my modem etc. Also i have done a Malware and Adware check nothing shows up. This problem seems to have really started when i had problems with my Windows Vista automatic updates. When i sorted out that problem i keep most times getting this problem now. I just wonder if there is something causing this? And can i rectify it? I have the latest IE installed and Mozilla but this affects both of them. Hope for any help thank you.

  Incony 07:55 29 Sep 2011

Yes IE had been doing that to me too, i run windows7 64 bit ultimate, with full updates, and using BT as my ADSL providor on a full hard wired ( ethernet ) network ( to avoid loss and maintain privacy ) i downloaded BT Help, a program it provides to check your PC and internet links.

running it, said there was a " a problem " with IE, to do with compatability. I thought about that a while and considered it might be because i have two versions of IE, one for 32 bit as well as the 64 bit..

But really i have no idea of the cause yet, because BT help gives one a button to click, to fix it.. and it did.. ive not had that problem again now since..

i do find that old addresses, links for example, also make IE do that.. i had to use google to get here, because IE said it could not provide this web page:


which was a link to a wi fi topic..

and none of the other old links worked either..

BT Help, immediately saw that ie could not display the page, and offered to help fix.. but it was easier just to find pcadvisor on google.. :)

  birdface 08:09 29 Sep 2011

Not sure if it is just the one web page that will not open or whether it id I/E that will not open.

But if it is just a web page go to command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the keyboard,it should tell you that the DNS cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.

or go to Internet options.Advanced and press restore advanced settings Apply.That sometimes helps.

or do what I did and dump I/E and start using Firefox I find it much quicker.

Firefox 7 is out now.

  Phoenix40 11:38 29 Sep 2011

Thanks for your replies. Its just happened again, when i started up. Its to do when i open up to my main home page, but also i cant open up any other websites either. So i end up having to do a diagnostic test that then corrects it. Then im able to go to my homepage website. I did turn off all my add ons like Google menu bar etc, but it makes no difference. Dont know why its started this now?

  birdface 15:17 29 Sep 2011

You could do a system restore to a time it was working Ok but you would loose any programs etc that you have downloaded since.

  Phoenix40 20:18 29 Sep 2011

Hello i think ive found the problem and it was what i thought it was. A few weeks ago i had a problem with my windows auto update service. Where for some reason it wouldnt download certain new files from M/Soft. Thanks from someone here i sorted it out by using some sort of cleaning device that cleared files called Framework Net files. But when the auto update service reinstalled them for some reason it failed to install one called

Update for M/Soft.Net Framework 4 x86 - for the 32 bit systems on vista KB2468871.

I then looked up on the M/Soft site and traced it there and downloaded it manually. Thats when later the problems started. Yesterday i uninstalled it from my Control Wins update list. But i still had the same problem. But today it came through again on my automated update service taskbar. So i reinstalled it and so far i havent had any of those problems starting up my internet browser. Things seem to be running smoothly so far. The other thing i had that i downloaded recently was an update from the Adobe PDF application so ive turned that off as well. But i think its this M/Soft thing for the Net that caused the trouble when i installed it manually from the M/S site. I just thought this might help any other people on this site that had a similar problem to look into. Thanks for all your help anyway.

  Phoenix40 23:54 29 Sep 2011

Sorry i stand to be corrected again, im afraid it was rather premature that i had found the solution. As it just accured again. So it still needs sorting out.

  Incony 15:24 30 Sep 2011

Ok, options: 1. Disk cleanup and disk defragment ( in all programs desktop menu, Accessories, System Tools. ) To get rid of unwanted temporary files, Downloads not needed now.. etc.. and make sure therefore the Disk is in good condition. 2. Have a look at the security level in operation, both in windows, and the the security program you use. A very safe Web page, nay not have the right credentials for example, and then may or may not be accessible..

(for example, and not a specific example, i had to get Paypal certified by my bank, because the bank kept questioning any transactions i made using paypal.. even though i have been using paypal for years.. it was because the source of the money request came from the USA..

If you know the web page you want IE to display, is safe, then try reducing the level of security.. temporatily, and if its I.E. that is causing your security program to stop IE accessing.. then also you need to set a level of security in both windows and your security program. maybe..

I use Zone Alarm Pro, and it allows me to specificly set Program use of the system.. i can set levels or exclude access, define its trust etc..

It might, be a security level problem..?

  1. have a look in Computer admin.. ( in Control Panel ) and find any warning messages of events that may give you some idea of the nature of the faults..

Do you have any error codes that you can pin to the exclusion? they may be the path to determine exctly why I.E is doing this..

  Incony 17:49 30 Sep 2011

Another possible option, is the status of your internet connection at the time IE comes up, or..possibly even that any network you are using isnt synchronised..

i.e.. at start up, windows takes a little time to enable any internet connection.. that little square window, next to the message flag.. low right of your screen.. left clicking will bring up your adsl hub.. mine is really old now.. BT Voyager2500-V12 and to the right of the name is the current level of connection..

I was finding that when i tried to connect to google for example, all went well then the connection dropped out, and of course IE said it couldnt display the web page.. that was traced at first, to a badethernet connection on the router, but.. occasionally the problem reoccured, and thats when i used BT help (free to dowload from the BT site.. ) and since then.. everything is ok..

its really going to be a process of elimination.. so be sure to start a list of things that you have done.. exactly..

THe last resort, is that for some reason.. IE.. has a fault in its program.. that sometimes works sometimes doesnt..

You can remove IE completely, first having downloaded and saved a new one from the MS site. Make sure that the old IE... is completely removed... anything that might cause the new IE.. to stall..

If you try that road, before you install the new I.E, do a search on your PC... and see what comes up.. if its any part or saved part of the old IE.. its gotta go..

Final last resort.. buy a hard disk , and take out the current disk.. and put in the new one.. load and run Win7 again..

if that disk, still has the same fault as the old.. then.. its either your win7 thats faulty.. or your web link.. or your MB, mechanicly or electrically since changing hard disk and using a new win 7 precludes win7 or the disk having a fault?

  Incony 18:07 30 Sep 2011

So.. if you go the last resort, you still have your old hard disk.. it still works albeit with a IE problem... you can istall the old disk beside the new, and bit by bit, add the old progemams to the new disk.. and at any time remove the one the that instigates the the old problem..

i realoise that its frustrating to contemplate. Win7 should give one more specific information when it can do what you ask it to.. but sometimes, humans have to be better than machines.. after all, its us that made them.

  Incony 18:21 30 Sep 2011

even if my left handed one finger typing sucks..:)

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