I doubt that anyone can help, but - -

  It's Me 18:37 21 Nov 2004

We have just driven down here to the Algarve for the winter, to escape from the awful weather and cold, in the hopes that it will be better for my health. We are near Lagos, and have dark blue skies, sun and 19/20 degrees. However:

Before we left home I carefully prepared a CD (a Sony on a Sony Writer using Nero, containing all the bits and pieces I thought I might need whilst here. I have the use of a newish little Dell PC here, and BB, ( aren't I the lucky one). I made sure that I could read this CD on my own PC and it was fine. Guess what? this blinking PC says that Windows can't read it. Now this is a bit annoying to say the least. I do have a hard copy of vital stuff, thank goodness, nevertheless, 1700 miles each way is a long drive back!

Has anyone any ideas of how I might solve my problem please?

  quack 18:40 21 Nov 2004

If you can get hold of a copy of Nero try installing it on the computer you have use of. Had the same problem and that proved to be the answer.

  ianeon 18:45 21 Nov 2004

When you "right-click" on the disc and on the contents what type of file does it say it is ?

  moh23 18:46 21 Nov 2004

if you go to the nero website you can download a demo version this may be of help

  Sans le Sou 18:48 21 Nov 2004

Try this click here

  It's Me 21:30 23 Nov 2004

Thank You for the above remarks.

Very kind.

In the event, I suddenly had a not very hopeful thought that perhaps my 'back up' CD might work. I was amazed to find that it did, and further more it contained most of what I needed. It was prepared using Nero's Backup software and I thought it would need the same software to read it- - - not so it seems. Which is odd really, as the CD which I can't read was created by the normal drag process in Nero and which I would have thought would be capable of being read anywhere.

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