I don't want to use RAID

  xania 13:07 24 Nov 2005

Many of the better motherboards nowadays seem to come with RAID on-board. However, I don't thin kthat RAID is of any value to me at all, so have no plans to use it. Am I better off getting a mobo without RAID or getting any mobo and simply disabling RAID.

  jack 14:52 24 Nov 2005

My recent 64bit Foxxconn board from Novatech gives the option- it comes with the reqesite leads and software but was not compulsuary to use, I installed my exsisting IDE dricve as per normal- As I understand it HDD's are IDE and RAID is an option on the MoBo.

  gudgulf 14:57 24 Nov 2005

Just buy any motherboard you want and simply don't use RAID.

When the specification includes RAID it means the option is there to use it if,and only if you want to.RAID is not enabled by default.It has to be set up specifically when you build the pc.

All you need to do is plug a single SATA or IDE drive into the motherboard and install Windows(plus any SATA drivers that Windows needs....your motherboard manual will give full details).

  PaulB2005 15:02 24 Nov 2005

The RAID option will probably be an option in the BIOS or will be activated by installing RAID drivers. You can install one or more SATA in a non-RAID config if you wish.

  PaulB2005 15:05 24 Nov 2005

click here and you'll see an optnion "Configure S-ATA as RAID". that option turns RAID on and off.

  xania 17:39 24 Nov 2005

Thanks all - as I suspected, but wanted to be sure before committing to a purcahse.

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