I don't have a TITLE only a Name

  pj123 13:33 27 Apr 2003

Why do companies who need a form filling in before you can download anything from their site insist on a Mandatory Field called "Title"

Like I said I don't have a title, only a name.

This gives me two options: 1. don't download or 2. put something in the title field. I ususally put "Sir" or "Lord". Why is it needed?

I have just downloaded a file from Serif who required a Title. What they didn't require was a Christian Name only a Surname, but the email they sent to me with the "Unlock Key" was addressed to "Dear Peter"!!! How did they know????

Any comments?


  AndySD 13:38 27 Apr 2003

My title is Mr as fot the first name your address may give it away or even your email address. Peter @ etc . com

  watchful 13:44 27 Apr 2003

Your title is Mr. Mrs. Miss or Mz. depending on what you are.
Sir is just a polite form of address for a man as well as an honorary title.

  -pops- 13:54 27 Apr 2003

There are other irrelevances like "age" and "position". What? Why?

There is a story about J Arthur Rank (the real one, not the euphemism) who, when filling in forms always entered "Lord" in the title (as, indeed he was) and "enviable" for his position.

I have a title. It is doctor. That is a real one, not one of the £5 jobbies bought off the net. It has seldom been of any use save for getting hotel rooms in so-called "full" hotels, getting tables in restaurants and seats in theatres. Oh, and getting connected quickly on transferred charge telephone calls.

Dr Brian

  watchful 13:58 27 Apr 2003

Lucky you! Think I'll start putting a Dr. before my name.

I agree about 'age' and 'position'. Completely irrelevant.

  -pops- 14:01 27 Apr 2003

I don't think I'll be using it here on a regular basis. Not many places where it could be of less relevance.


  Mango Grummit 14:04 27 Apr 2003

Think it's time to call it a day. Threads are getting oddder & odder.


  AndySD 14:04 27 Apr 2003

Been filling in Position as Managing Director for 5-6 years now.....whishfull thinking.... but why do they need a salery???

  pj123 14:05 27 Apr 2003

Serif did offer Dr but I thought I'd better not as that might be fraud?

  -pops- 14:05 27 Apr 2003

Regarding pj123's question "How did they know". I think that it was chance. If you were asked for an initial, the two most popular male names beginning with "P" are Peter and Paul. I believe that Peter is the more usual.

  flecc 14:15 27 Apr 2003

Serif might have dumped a cookie when you connected which fed back personal info from your computer.

Many suppliers use cookies that can even track users across different web sites and through their emails, and these cookies are commonly loaded via the images of products that you receive in your browser/email program.

A program that I use which extracts the causes from inputted advertising emails dumped 19 extracted items from three suppliers yesterday alone. I don't worry about these though, and don't use that program for this purpose, it's just a by product of it's real function, removing malicious code.

If you're interested, the product is Benign, from:-

click here

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