i dont get my core 2 duo processor

  chaztait 23:22 06 Aug 2007

i am running everest home edition to see the performance of my 2.66ghz core 2 duo processor. I kno it has to cores etc. but one is always at zero. i have had the other at 100% and i thought the other would kick in or something. obviously i don't know what the true meaning of core 2 is.

can someone explain?

  brundle 23:27 06 Aug 2007

If you have the free version of Everest (2.20) it's getting on a bit for these newer CPUs. Try SIW click here or PCWizard click here or CPUZ click here

  dan* 23:27 06 Aug 2007

If you use one intensive program, then one core will deal with it, if it can.

Use two intensive programs concurrently and both cores will kick in.

  skidzy 23:32 06 Aug 2007

I believe both cores should be sharing the load,mine does (E6300).
One of them,should not be running 100% and the other idle.

Im wondering if you need to address a setting in the bios to optimise the cpu.

  lotvic 23:36 06 Aug 2007

bookmarked 'cos I need to know more about this for my pc

  chaztait 23:53 06 Aug 2007

got it! i used PCWizard, and the 2 processors work at once.

cheers !

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