I don't fancy going wireless, so..............

  lodger 21:12 11 Jul 2008

how do i set up a basic network of 2 computers.........the desktop is running XP and has a broadband cable modem, the laptop running Vista, laptop also has network adaptor........ i just want them to share internet........??????????????

  woodchip 21:17 11 Jul 2008

Do you have a router for the cable broadband? it also needs to have at least two Ethernet sockets in it for to use the wire, if you do not want wireless. But why not Wireless?

  grey george 21:27 11 Jul 2008

If you don't go wireless where ever you put the laptop you will need a cable.
More info on networks here click here

  lodger 21:27 11 Jul 2008

I prefer wired cos i like to keep it simple as possible, ( like me)...the ethernet sockets are there in both computers..........present connection is just a cable modem, but i have a cable router in mind and hope to join up to it, IF the system wont need me to configure it...........

  woodchip 21:40 11 Jul 2008

Its easy to Network them using Network Wizard in Control Panel in a XP computer. But its best to use wireless. nearest to wireless route connect by Ethernet Wire then Other Wireless, Either with a Card or USB dongle from £10. You will need though a Cable Wireless Router.#

Doing it this way you do not need to have both computers on all the time to use the Internet, plus you can print to the main computer with Printer connected to it if you have both computers turned on and networked

  lodger 21:53 11 Jul 2008

it's wired or nothing simply cos I've read so many whinges about 'dead spots' and configuration issues and poor performance when using wireless, and when i asked about wireless even the pc world guy asked me straight away how big my house is AND how many walls in the way of signal , ..do i not need to spend good money to hear such nonsense.......:).......i'm installing this for my daughter, so, if it doesnt work correctly and at once, then i prefer not to have it at all.......otherwise my life wont be worth a plugged nickel (whatever dat is ) :)

  ambra4 21:57 11 Jul 2008

Just connect a 5 port switch to the cable modem and connect both computer to the switch via a

ethernet cable

click here

  grey george 22:21 11 Jul 2008

Does your mobile phone work all around the house? If it does then wireless should be ok.
Does the cable modem have a separate power supply or is it fed from the usb on the pc? If it's fed from the pc you will have to have the pc on to use the laptop on the internet.

  dms_05 22:49 11 Jul 2008

The other alternative is HomePlug (Networking over 240v mains). You'd need 2 - connect one to the Router and the other one goes in a socket close to the laptop (I'm assuming the desktop is close enough to the router to be connected by cable).

HomePlug just works. Plug it in and nothing more is needed (assuming you've set the computers up to access the Internet through their LAN connections.

  €dstowe 06:59 12 Jul 2008

I've moved from wireless to Homeplug and found it excellent.

I have three machines on this network plus a spare plug in case someone comes to the house with a laptop which they want to go online with. All they have to do is plug the Ethernet in and away you go. No extra setting up required.

  wis 08:56 12 Jul 2008

running two desktops xp3
both on net,main pc connected to printer other
not,is there a way to print from second without
additional connecters cables ect

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