(I dont Believe It), PXE- E61 Media Test Failure

  alltime 14:03 07 Oct 2005

Hi All, Im in trouble again, Got this new mobo Msi 865Pe Neo2-v, Graphics Radeon 9550, New intel P4 Cpu. all assembled, power up, beep,then the v class on the screen, then press f10 to configure, then PXE- E61 Media test failure check cable, also PXE-MOF Exiting PXE ROM, Then Boot Failure, Insert BOOT disk in A ,Press any Key,
Iv cleared the Cmos, Changed the hdd, substituted the graohics card, checked cables and connections, (Substituted as well) Put one bank of memory in the tried another, all fans are running, but still the same. Help and advise much appeciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 07 Oct 2005

1. disable boot from LAN in BIOS

2. Check HDD cable fully inserted on motherboard and HDD

3. Hdd is set to master

4. HDD has an active partition

5. A falty optical drive on the same cable as HDD can cause the problem.

  alltime 18:25 07 Oct 2005

Hi isnt it frustrating, There doesnt seem to be any disable for lan in bios, The hdd ive tried a sata and an ide, seems to find the ide but not the sata, sata i dont think it needs a master and slave setting, cant get as far as partition the cd drive will load win xp drivers and utilities etc and as soon as it gets to setting up it just hangs. ive changed the cables but no joy, msi support.com.tw/ the emails just come back undelivered.try and phone uk and the phone goes dead.. the manual for the mobo is useless.no fault finding etc (come back asus all is forgiven)!!! Could there be anything else ive missed?
click here
I looked at some of these but still no joy

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 07 Oct 2005

disable the "Wake on Lan" option..

Set the boot order to CDrom HDD nd any other options to boot set them to HDD.

Your trying to stop the BIOS from booting from a LAN or external device such as flash drive.

See if there is an option to disable boot from USB or USB for dos

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 07 Oct 2005

In addition to PXE on the client PC, there are several PXE server components designed to work in conjunction with a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. The network must include a PXE server. The PXE server can be on the same server as DHCP or on a different server, so you can add PXE to an existing network without affecting the existing DHCP server or configuration. The PXE server watches for DHCP discovery requests that include a special tag identifying the client as a PXE client. If the discovery request includes the tag, the PXE server replies to the client with configuration information, including the name of a boot image file. The boot image file is transferred to the client using TFTP, and this file is then used to boot the client.

Wired for Management includes other features that can be used with PXE. One that’s very useful is Remote Wake Up, which can remotely power on a client PC. The client can be powered on, managed, and shut down, all from the administrator’s desk. Updates can be scheduled to occur overnight, while the network is idle, avoiding user interruptions during the day.

For security, PXE can use Boot Integrity Services (BIS), which is also part of the WfM 2.0 specification. Using digital signatures and public key cryptography, BIS allows the PXE client to validate the image it received and confirm that the image was from a secure and trusted source. This prevents clients booting from a rogue server that might damage or infect a client PC.

For a system to use BIS, it must have a BIS-enabled BIOS. When the system administrator first configures the client PC, they record a public key in the system’s non-volatile memory storage. The server software must also support BIS to create the digital signatures it uses to validate the server. When PXE boots a client PC, it checks to see if the BIOS supports BIS. If it does, it then uses BIS to validate the information from the server. BIS only validates the server; it does not encrypt the boot image file.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:43 07 Oct 2005

Configuring PCs for Network Boot

A client PC may have PXE installed, but it may not be enabled by the BIOS. Most PCs support the BIOS Boot Specification (BBS), or other methods that let you order the PC’s boot devices from a BIOS setup screen. To perform a network boot each time the PC is powered on, select PXE as the first boot device. Some BBS systems also support Network Service Boot (NSB). With NSB, you can set PXE lower in the boot order. A message, such as "Press F12 to boot from network" will appear while the PC boots. In thisway, you can use PXE only when then need arises. If the PC doesn’t allow ordering of the boot devices, there is usually a method within PXE to switch between local and network booting. With an emBoot Managed PC Boot Agent boot ROM, you can set the default boot method in the built-in configuration screen or by using a configuration utility.

  alltime 20:15 07 Oct 2005

I had to print this out.
These r my settings (Standard cMos features)
time&date ok
Primary ide master nec Dvd rw
secondary ide master Maxtor
prim slave not installed
sec """"" "" """""""
and the rest not installed.
Floppy drive a 1,44 mb 3 1/2

In boot device select. Ihave got
1st cd/dvd
2nd ide maxtor
3rd Disabled as this was the usb header card reader/floppy.
4th try other boot devices no

  alltime 20:21 07 Oct 2005

Wake up events
usb device wakeup from s3 Disabled

  alltime 20:25 07 Oct 2005

i found the onboard lan and disabled it.

  alltime 20:40 07 Oct 2005

What seems to happen now.
You get the post beep it goes straight to cd with the win xp disc in the drive ,loads the files, as soon as it has loaded it says setup is starting windows, and Hangs. With windows setup at the top of the screen,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:01 07 Oct 2005

Ok a least it will boot now.

Set Bios to 1st boot CD 2nd Floppy 3rd HDD

Download a win98 boot disk from click here .com if you have got one.

Boot from floppy to command prompt and run FDisk remove all partions and the format the drive.

Reboot from CD and try and install XP

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