I do not understand why

  mr-old 20:16 14 Mar 2003

hello folks,

I started a thread? today click here but for some reason a person called PC Advisor has stopped it! why would this happen and If I have upset anyone I am sorry as I have not been on this site long. My son (god bless him) says that this is the best site for old people to learn about "the modern way" that things are done, but it would seem that somehow I have offended someone in a position of power! all I did was ask why it seemed like a chatroom. I have been told by my son that "all sorts" come here but all I want to do is be part of the "virtual" world and participate in sane part of the world wide web. I must also say that there is some really interesting stuff here but a bit suprised by some of the replys to some poor soul in the consumerwatch, wonder what he deserved to get treatment like that.

May god bless you and be with you all

  Legolas 20:19 14 Mar 2003

mr-old I agree that the threads you mentioned should have been stopped and removed but I see little reason for your thread to have been removed as all you did was point out the offending threads.

  Gongoozler 20:30 14 Mar 2003

mr-old, I don't think you have upset anybody. Your thread hasn't been removed, just locked so that no more contributions can be added. I think this was possibly to avoid the thread being hijacked; possibly by those you were criticising. If you are really worried, why not click on the envelope alongside the name PC Advisor, and email your question directly to the forum moderator.

  jazzypop 20:30 14 Mar 2003

The best way to find out is to use the Contact Moderator button near the bottom of each page - you can send them a message and ask them directly.

Oh yes, and welcome aboard :)

  watchful 20:33 14 Mar 2003

I don't understand it either as when I clicked on mr-old's links it just went back to Discussion Forums?

  recap 20:35 14 Mar 2003

The only reason I can think that PCA locked your thread mr-old, is to stop it from becoming one of the threads you highlighted in your post. You will see after you have been here for a while that some thread tend to go way off track, unfortunately.

Don't let this little hick-up stop you from staying around here though.

Nice to have you aboard.

  mr-old 20:37 14 Mar 2003

Thank you Legolas,Gongoozler and jazzypop, I hope I have spelt these right, my son (god bless him)told me that there where a number of people who are really nice and would help out (unlike that rude medicane man) I am not sure what a moderator is but if I feel like a chat in the early hours I will contact him.

may god be with you all

  Djohn 20:38 14 Mar 2003

mr-old, your thread has not been removed, but closed by the Magazine staff, as you will notice, if you click on your links to the offending threads, they have been removed.

I would think that the thread was closed because it had achieved it's aim, and therefore to stop it turning into a debate.

Welcome to the forum, and if ever you feel that you need to contact the Magazine or the Forum Editor directly, then just click on the (Moderator button), just below this thread, on the yellow bar, FE or the Magazine will e-mail you with a response. Regards. J.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 14 Mar 2003

You question was succinctly answered by a number of members and there was no point in continuing like the endless threads on 'AMD vs Pentium' and 'CD glue used in the magazine'. This site is the best site around for solving computer problems. They are answered speedily and accurately and there are masses of useful tips and information thrown in as well, all for the princely sum of nowt.

There is a large body of people here who help with any problems. unlike sites that have the same few people on all the time. You will receive information from a broad section rather than a few people.

If people wish to get annoyed over a minor glitch, that really was nothing at all, then that is their perogative but to turn it into an 'angst' site is not indicative of the wealth of help that this site affords.

I'm sure there was nothing personal in stopping your thread but the question had been answered and there was no point in letting it drone on ad inf.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:41 14 Mar 2003

....looks like we are all in agreement then.


  mr-old 20:47 14 Mar 2003

My dear GANDALF <|:-)>

My what an angry person you must be to answer like that!, what have I done to offend you? considering that you and I have never met. You are worse than that Medicane hat man!!!, if this is the sort of treatment that a 90yr old can expect from a whippersnapper than I am afraid that that my son (god bless him) was wrong about the people on this forum. I am most sorry that you feel that you can talk to complete strangers like that and may god be with son

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