I do not understand Why

  March Wind 01:26 20 Apr 2011

Why does this site have to be changed when it was working great. If it has to be changed and not for the better then why not tell us how to work it? Speak clearly so that we can all understand what it is trying to put over to us as I for one is confused.

It's bad enough having a problem that needs sorting without having to go through a mine field first that's if we make it.

Why do we need two boxes with our message typed in?

  March Wind 01:34 20 Apr 2011

If anyone knows the answers on how it works. What to press and for what reason please tell me. I am not the brightest person and I sure am not alone.

If you could put the answer in 1,2,3,etc or a,b,.c. Forum Editor, if you please. We will all be sending you an Easter Egg. Hard boiled if not.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:00 20 Apr 2011
  1. To ask a question or post a reply to someone else's question you need to be registered as a member and logged in.

    1. Click the orange ASK A QUESTION / POST A REPLY to jump to the white box where you type in.

    2. A preview of what will appear on the form page appears in the grey box as you type.

    4 Hover mouse pointer over the symbols above the white box to see what they do:

    1. I.E. Highlight text click B to turn it Bold press I for itallics

    2. To post a link, copy the address of the site you wish others to link to click the globe, click the globe and paste the address in the box. click OK Where it then says "link text" in brackets highlight it and type in something like click here or other message e.g. Google

    3. To mark a thread as Resolved click on white circle to right of the post that solved the problem and click resolved

    4. you can also click same white circle to show you like a particular post.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:04 20 Apr 2011

Some glitches yet as you can see from the numbering :0)

if you want to post another reply to a thread then you have to come out of the thread and re click on the thread title to re-enter and then post again.

Be careful not to put " in thread titles as seems to stop anyone from posting to the thread.

  BT 08:39 20 Apr 2011

When trying to post a new thread a few minutes ago I could not get the HTML Icons above the 'typing in' box so was unable to post a link. I had to go in and out of the page a few times before the Icons appeared.

Could be why some people seem to be having problems with posting links.

  Migwell 08:42 20 Apr 2011

And that, is meant to be better than we had before. Come on there was NOTHING wrong with the old site, there were no glitches that I came across and it worked well.

  Graphicool1 09:07 20 Apr 2011


You might find there are glitches and problems depending on what browser you are using. Also what software addons are in those browsers.

Make sure the when instigating a thread of your own don't use quotes(") in the title. If you do then you won't get any responses to your query. Because quotes in the title block anyone from responding.

  spuds 10:57 20 Apr 2011

Perhaps there should be another forum titled "Tutorial on how to use the new website" :O)

At present it would appear that answers are being provided by trial and error by other members?.

  edenworkshops 18:42 20 Apr 2011

I strongly agree with the originator of the thread.

You see it all the time. Ebay have changed the look and operation of there site and its a pain in the ass.

I was accustomed to PCA and now I am stumbling around in the dark, I had to try four times to get a thread started.

New people arw recruited and they have to do something to justify their existance, so they make changes and call it progress.

And while I am moaning.

You know on many websites you have to enter a code which is in the form of a .jgp, to make sure you are not a robot.

Why the hell do people have to make the images so illegible???

As long as the code is a .jpg, surely they can use a perfectly legible picture, as it is I have to change the image untill I can actualy read it.


  march 19:43 20 Apr 2011

I agree with March Wind I have waited a few days & kept having a peek to see how the new site works but I'm missing the old look and dont see the need for the two boxes for typing. Any chance of going back to the old look PCA?

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