I did it! (Win98 reinstall)

  PurplePenny 15:31 17 Jan 2003
  PurplePenny 15:31 17 Jan 2003

I finally got around to doing it... I've reinstalled Win98 and it has cured my dll problems.

Another forum (that I went to when PCA was down) said not to do it. They said that nothing would work and I'd have to reinstall lots of software but so far the only thing that doesn't work is BootMagic. Thankfully PartitionMagic works just fine so I now have a backup copy of my fully functional C: drive.

My thanks to everyone who has helped me with my dll problems. I just wish that I had bit the bullet and reinstalled when it was first suggested a month ago.

For some reason I had a mental block against doing it. I really don't know why as I've quite happily flash upgraded BIOS before now (installed an 80gig HDD). It was as though I thought that something would go wrong but even if it had all my data was backed up so I could have just started again from scratch.

Many, many thanks,

PS ...and flushed with success I finally got around to upgrading to 98SE too.

  bx2000 16:16 17 Jan 2003

Well done PurplePenny, now you will have confidence to sort out Bootmagic. If you have a bootmagic rescue disk, use it to boot up with and you will find that all the options you need will be on screen. Dont forget to tick the lefthand corner box before you leave. If you do not have a rescue disk, then open up Bootmagic in Explorer and click on "rescueme" then click setup and follow instructions.
Regards G.

  seedie 16:22 17 Jan 2003

feel pleased with yourself. I run 98se too and had to do 4 re-starts this AM so need to reformat and install too.

This PM I threw a bucket of chickens entrails into the wind but they didn't land right so not a good omen for it. Call it procrastination if you like.

Good luck


  VoG™ 17:08 17 Jan 2003

Glad to hear that you sorted out your nightmare in the end - Well done!

  PurplePenny 19:16 17 Jan 2003

bx2000 - I have got a BootMagic rescue disk so I will do as you suggest. Thanks.

seedie - keep the entrails in the little plastic bag - far less mess ... of course the omens are harder to read in the bag :-) The god of reinstalling was with me today maybe it'll be with you tomorrow. It isn't procrastination ... it is very sensibly waiting till the time is right.

VoG - thanks


  flecc 19:20 17 Jan 2003

No harm done if you reinstall Boot Magic anyway, it will install over without problems and present you with the configuration screen again.

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