I deleted this did I make a mistake ?

  charlton200 18:53 01 Sep 2005

I deleted this by mistake in add and remove programs ( via rhine- family fast ethernet adaptor ).
Is it important as i do not know what it is for.

Many thanks.

  keith-236785 19:11 01 Sep 2005

ethernet adapters are for networking computers, also can be used for internet connection. if you dont have a network, or dont connect your modem to the ethernet connection then dont worry. it will not affect dial up internet connection via a phone line.

it might even be re-installed automatically when you restart windows. if not you could re-install it from the motherboard driver cd that came with your computer (or motherboard if you upgraded yourself).

hope this helps

  charlton200 19:47 01 Sep 2005

I tried restarting and it did not reappear.
I use a dial-up connection and thinking about broadband so I suppose that I don't need it.
Would system restore get it back?.

Thanks for your time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:57 01 Sep 2005

What op system are you using?

XP should automatically reinstall it.

Try Device manager - Action -scan for hardware changes.

  charlton200 20:02 01 Sep 2005

Yes xp

  Carpigiani 20:06 01 Sep 2005

You could always download new drivers from click here

  charlton200 20:27 01 Sep 2005

If I go to device manager and double click on the via Rhine ethernet adaptor, is say's the device is working , but why is has it not returned to add and remove programs, after I deleted it and then restarted the computer.

  gudgulf 21:29 01 Sep 2005

It will only appear in add/remove programs if you install the VIA official drivers for it.If you uninstalled them then they will have gone from the list.....Windows will have its own generic drivers which it will have installed when you restarted the computer.These will not show in add/remove programs.They are part of your Windows installation and not uninstallable by that route.

  keith-236785 06:49 02 Sep 2005

good answer from gudgulf, if you plan to go to broabdand soon, you will connect either via Ethernet or USB depepnding on the modem, if you get a choice choose ethernet its much easier to set up.

it appears that windows has installed its own drivers as i suggested it might, to get the best results, you should re-install the correct drivers from your motherboard setup cd (you would then get the entry back in Add/Remove) installing the correct drivers although wont seem to make any difference would just make things tick along a little better with a lesser chance of conflicts/problems. having said that, i have let windowsXP setup most of my hardware and have no problems.

good luck

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