i can't use my optorite DVD writer model DD0203

  habs 06:55 16 Feb 2004


Please i need your help. I Have optorite DD0203 . today sunday 15/02/2004 my optorite was working normally, i tried to update the new verion firmware DD0203_win_250. while i was updating the firmware, a message says (tray out), the trays eject, , nearly in the end of updating an error come up saying:
update failure
Please try again

I found out the DVD optorite is been deleted from my computer. I went to start,my computer,nothing about my dvd.

Then my computer (crash). I tried to system restore my computer to eralier time nothing helped.

I went to device manager,again nothing shown about my dvd writer.

I tried to update the firmware again, on select device there is only(my DVD- rom)On Device F/W ver: 1020
on DV2FLASH v1.00.

I have windows XP home edition,1024 SDRAM memory,DirectX9.

I don't know what is happened,please how can re-install my DVD0203 DVD writer, or how to uninstall the firmware.

Can you please reply to my email as soon as you can.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

My kindest regards

  Lozzy 07:29 16 Feb 2004

Carry out a system restore to a much earlier date then once completed try running this.

Insert the XP CD into the rom then click Start>>Run then type sfc /scannow..

Note the space between the sfc and /

If that does not cure it come back.

  PA28 08:49 16 Feb 2004

Try physically disconnecting the DVD writer and see if your system now works normally. Once you have done this, try reinstalling the writer and see if it is identified in Device Manager. You may have to get back to the manufacturer if this yields no result; I recall when updating the firmware on my Pioneer DVD writer that there were copious health warnings, as risks were akin to flashing the BIOS.

  MidgetMan 08:53 16 Feb 2004

Recently had to the same as you although no probs, click here for some reading

  MidgetMan 09:04 16 Feb 2004

Have got some more links, but on my home pc (at work at mo) will try to post them tonoght (after 9pm)

  Stuartli 09:17 16 Feb 2004

Updating firmware is always a risky business and even more so if it is not strictly necessary.

If it all goes pear shaped then quite often it means a drive suitable only for the rubbish bin.....

  Hyperangelic 09:22 16 Feb 2004

It sounds awful but you shouldn't update firmware unless there is something wrong with the drive and you have to do it.

Did you get the firmware from Optorite - click here?

Contact them and ask them is there anything you can do to salvage the situation. They should be able to tell you if it is possible to roll back the firmware update, and how to do it.

  habs 21:59 16 Feb 2004

Hi everybody

I would like to thank you for all the help i received from you.

For Hyperangelic: yes i got the firmware from optorite website.

I will try to do whay PA28 says.let is see if does work.

thank you for everyone.

  woodchip 23:26 16 Feb 2004

If it loads from a Floppy or boot CD remove all EIDE exept DVD cables and try the update again from Start with the disc

  habs 09:50 29 Feb 2004

Hi everybody.

I conctacted the technical support for my DVD writer DD0203, my DVDwriter is deae. I can't use it at all . the technical support replied to my email and he said to me i have to replace it from the company where i bought my DVD writer.

It is the biggest mistake i have done trying to update the firmware.if any body else wnats to update the firmware, please be extremely sure before doing this. Don't do it unless extremely important.

It is up to you.

Thank you again for all your help.


  MidgetMan 16:10 29 Feb 2004

Sorry to hear about the death!!!, not sure if the shop you bought it from will replace it if you tell them that you tried to flash it. Would suggest you pretend you don't know what happened!!!!.

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