I can't uninstall PC tools Anti Virus

  Aaron-188486 12:50 01 Oct 2007

Once again I am at the mercy of the forum, please help.

I installed PC tools onto my Vista Home Premium Computer over this weekend. It seemed to be mucking about with my computer by making it slow. So I thought the best to do was to uninstall to see if it is the problem and lo and behold it won't uninstall. It's saying a constant isn't present or something. I've downloaded the program again to see if that'll fix it in case a file was missing but still the same problem. I've emailed PCtools but yet to hear anything. Any ideas?

  rambus 12:56 01 Oct 2007

if you have crap cleaner get that to uninstall it. and if you havent you should, excellent little programe for tidying up your pc

  Aaron-188486 12:59 01 Oct 2007

Totally agree with you. Crap Cleaner is superb, I even downloaded the latest update, that was the first program I tried, but the exact same message came up.

  brundle 13:04 01 Oct 2007

CC is great but lots of people think the uninstaller is somehow better than the Windows one, it /is/ the Windows one. It just executes the program's uninstaller, or the Windows installer, exactly what would happen if you uninstall from Add/Remove or using the program's own link.

Try removal in safe mode, try system restore. Can you give a more detailed description of the error message.

  rambus 13:05 01 Oct 2007

ok Aaron, why not try a system restore, say back to friday or thursday, had a similar prob with adobe and that put things right for me

  Aaron-188486 13:08 01 Oct 2007

I'll give both suggestions a go and let you know! The safe mode one first obviously! Thanks guys.

  [email protected] 13:43 01 Oct 2007

this any help? click here

  mfletch 14:23 01 Oct 2007

Hi, Right click on your task bar and click on Task manager,
Click on processes then click onto PC tools and end the process,

Then try to remove it using add or remove or Ccleaner {same uninstall}


  Belatucadrus 16:42 01 Oct 2007

Try Revo uninstaller click here it genuinely is an improvement on Windows uninstaller and is very good at ferreting out those scrappy bits that get left behind. Has removed several recalcitrant bits that otherwise defied deletion on my PC.

  woodchip 16:48 01 Oct 2007

Check What's running in task Bar. Right click it stop the Program then try uninstall But you may have to disable the serice in Services

  Aaron-188486 20:59 01 Oct 2007

Belatucadrus! the program you suggest worked brilliantly. But thanks for all your suggestions guys, all were more than valid but i chose the easy route!

Revo uninstaller is quite superb. highly recommended!

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