I can't see my images on my website

  lou1 11:36 23 Jan 2006

I've created a website in Publisher 2003 and used jpeg images mainly. I've uploaded all the necessary htm files to my host using their control panel, including the pictures but the majority of the pictures aren't showing. The support from my host says that the images don't seem to all be pointing to the images uploaded but I'm sure they are. Any suggestions?

  beynac 11:43 23 Jan 2006

It's possible that you have used the full, rather than a relative, path for your images. For example:

src="../../../Documents and Settings/YourName/My Documents/My Pictures/webpicture1.jpg"

instead of src="webpicture1.jpg"

Another forum member had a similar problem. See click here

  beynac 11:46 23 Jan 2006

Another thought. You say you've "used jpeg images mainly". Is it the non-jpeg images that are not showing? If so, what format are they?

  lou1 11:56 23 Jan 2006

I think I understand what you mean about the right path being stated, but where do I change this information?

  lou1 11:59 23 Jan 2006

...also, I always overwrite the file when I've made changes on my hard drive in PUblisher, but I notice you say to the other person who had a similar problem that this could be a problem. How do I get it on my 'local folder'?
I def. think the problem is that the src.is incorrect so at least I know now!

  beynac 12:20 23 Jan 2006

I suggest that make sure that the components of your website are all in the same place on your hard drive. I would create a new folder for the site. This can be in 'My Documents' or in Publisher. I would then create a separate folder for images within the website's folder. Name this, for example, 'pictures' or 'images'. Then copy all of your web pages into the main website folder and all your pictures into the 'pictures' folder. Your src will then be 'src="pictures/webpicture1.jpg".

I don't know how Publisher handles all of this but the main thing would be to get everything in the right place and then sort out Publisher.

  lou1 12:30 23 Jan 2006

I'm not sure I understand how to change the 'source' from though? I have created a folder called images and made sure that it's on the ftp as well as the hard drive with the images in.

  lou1 12:36 23 Jan 2006

In other words, when you say 'It's possible that you have used the full, rather than a relative, path for your images'
how do I make sure I'm using the relative path?

  beynac 13:21 23 Jan 2006

I tried creating a website in Publisher 97 and it seemed to convert all images to gifs, but it did store them in the 'publish' folder - ie locally. Could be different in Publisher 2003.

I don't know how to change the source in Publisher. I suggest that you look in the Help.

If you would be happy to either post a link to your site on this thread, or send it to me (click on the yellow envelope by my name) I would be happy to have a look at it for you.

  beynac 14:04 23 Jan 2006

Thanks for sending the link. Publisher has put ten pages into a folder called 'index_files' but no pictures. Your image tags in the pages are all pointing to this folder and looking for the picture files that Publisher creates (these are mainly gifs). Your, mainly, 'jpeg' images are in a folder called 'images' . It looks as if you have two choices. Either let Publisher upload its own picture files as well as the html pages (it should then tie up the location with the src), or (if you can change it in Publisher) change the src to point to your jpegs in the 'images' folder. (eg src="images/Longmirror.jpg") - look in Help for this.

I suggest you try the first option, as it will probably be easier. When you publish the site, do you 'Publish to folder' in Publisher and then upload the folders. If you do, it could just be a matter that you haven't copied the pictures as they are not the names you recognise.

Sorry I can't help you with the Publisher side of things, but I've only got the old version.

  lou1 14:12 23 Jan 2006

Thanks v. much for looking.
I have only just created the 'Images' folder and put all the images in there. Previously I had put them in the index_pages as well but it didn't seem to work (well, a few were showing). To publish I go to 'File/publish to web' it then saves all pages as htm files and I upload. I also upload the pictures that I think are linked with each page, but it's this that it doesn't seem to show. The page text etc is fine. Even the logo that comes with the page template doesn't show though!

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