I can't read the writing??

  L plate marky 14:14 16 Oct 2005

Hi all,

Anyone know how to make adjustments to the size of text on screen? Some of the web pages I've looked at has text so small you can't read it.

I've tried adjusting the screen resolution and dpi setting but whilst this helps with certain text, it puts the rest of the screen completely out of sync.

Any suggestions as to what else I could do?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

  VoG II 14:23 16 Oct 2005

In Internet Explorer, View|Text Size.

Or if you have a wheel mouse, hold down the CTRL key and rotate the wheel.

  L plate marky 14:38 16 Oct 2005

Ok,this is probably a stupid answer but,

I'm on Aol and when I click on the internet explorer icon it says windows cannot open it and needs to know what created it.

Though surely AOl uses internet explorer already?

  SEASHANTY 15:15 16 Oct 2005

Check this website for various browsers :-

click here

  Diemmess 16:06 16 Oct 2005

Have just been experimenting (I use Aol 9 too)

Plodded all through Aol's keywords an'all, found oportunities to modify e-mails etc which exist when writing them, but nothing Aol specific which improved screens like this one.

Was directed to Windows> Programs > Accessories where a wizard took me all through the screen resolution setting "by the back door."

Probably worth trying particularly if you have a CRT monitor, but not for me, using a TFT, the "native resolution" is the only one I can bear to look at. Lower res. give me large brash text, with sharp-but-jagged edges if you see what I mean.

  sharkfin 16:10 16 Oct 2005

Also try Xp cleartype tune powertoy: click here

It should help make text more defined and clearer on screens

  woodchip 16:12 16 Oct 2005

What about Start/Programs/Accessories/Accessibility/Magnifier

  Diemmess 17:29 16 Oct 2005

I "think" that is what I did via the Windows Wizard!

  sidecar sid 17:38 16 Oct 2005

If you have a wheel on your mouse try holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling it.

  L plate marky 18:40 16 Oct 2005

Thanks for your help folks,

I tried the wheel + ctrl but it on this page for example all it did was increase the size of the dots in the registered user area box above and not any of the text.

I'll try some of the tips above and get back

  L plate marky 18:46 16 Oct 2005

For note:

The microsoft powertoys page suggested by sharkfin is a perfect example of my complaint. The writing seems really small. Oddly I can't remember haing this problem in the past. my kids have loaded some simple games onto the computer and I can't help wondering if one of them has managed to alter some setting or other.

But thanks sharkfin for the help

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