I can't install my web cam, please help

  sweat pea 09:05 25 Aug 2007

When I try to install my web cam the installation disk stops half way through. It won't cancel and I cannot clear the screen. The only way to clear the screen is to turn off with the button. The web cam is Tevion and I am running XP. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Sweat Pea

  johnnyrocker 09:20 25 Aug 2007

do other disks work ok in the drive?


  sweat pea 09:25 25 Aug 2007

jonny, yes all other disks work ok

  sweat pea 09:43 25 Aug 2007

I have just tried to play a dvd using different dvds but it won't respond, but cds work and I have just been able to install some sofeware.

  Technotiger 09:55 25 Aug 2007

You could try software without the need for a disc, free stuff here ... assuming your cam is USB ..

click here

  spuds 09:56 25 Aug 2007

Dvd's and Cd's work with different programmes, so you could have a corruption problem, if they worked previously. Perhaps a recheck with updates drivers, and re-install may help to resolve the problem.

Regarding the webcam installation disk, can you check this on another computer, because it may be faulty considering that it stops halfway through installation.

When you tried clearing the screen, did you try Ctrl-Alt-Delete ?.

Doe's XP recognise 'new hardware', or as it made an attempt to install the webcam?.

  setecio 10:20 25 Aug 2007

I remember installing a BT105 USB modem on a computer, it appeared to freeze, so I retried several times. Finally I decided to leave it all afternoon and see what happened. It took 2 hours but suddenly came back with the 'installed successfully, finished' screen.

I suggest you try leaving it installing for a few hours, just in case something weird is slowing it down to snails pace.

  sweat pea 10:23 25 Aug 2007

Spud, sorry to sound so thick , but how do I check update drivers. I have just reinstalled my dvd driver but nothing has changed, I still cannot play dvds, which I am not bothered about I just want my cam to work so I can see rellies the other side of the world. I have just tried again to install web cam and its stuck again tried always to cancel. I wish it would do as its told!

  spuds 11:04 25 Aug 2007

XP might/should find the latest drivers, failing that you could try the products manufacturer's site, or perhaps a driver site that someone can offer a link to.

Regarding the dvd's, do you have a programme installed to play these. If so, what is it?.

If you have recently purchased the webcam, then ask the retailer if they can supply another installation disk, failing that, ask the manufacturer or importer whose name is on the product. What webcam is it, that you are trying to install?.

  Technotiger 13:09 25 Aug 2007

If none of the software from my link above is any good, then I would suggest that you ditch that cam and get another one, webcams these days can be had for as little as £2, have you got any charity shops nearby, like Help the Aged, Age Concern, etc. My local shops have several webcams at this moment, boxed and as new.

  Technotiger 13:11 25 Aug 2007

If you look here, courtesy of Google, you will see that you are not alone in your efforts to find a driver for your cam.

click here

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