I can't get my rewritable DVD to work

  Help me please 12:46 02 Nov 2009

Hi there, I have a compaq laptop with a DVD re-writer in it/logo on it. I want to save tonnes of images to a disk. The person in the shop said the DVDs I bought: Verbatim DVD+R would be able to do this but when I try to either drag the folder in windows explorer or 'move to' it says windows has encountered an error copying these files. I did lots last week with a re-writable CD fine. So what have I got to do to make this DVD work?

Thanks, Joanne

  tullie 13:00 02 Nov 2009

Does your operating system support dvd burning?

  Help me please 13:05 02 Nov 2009

I'm using windows XP and I've got a dvd r /rw logo on the disk drive draw

  tullie 13:06 02 Nov 2009

Sorry,i clicked the wrong button.I dont think XP supports dvd burning,if thats your system.Download and try ImgBurn,its free.

  Help me please 13:09 02 Nov 2009

Ok lovely thanks I'll try that

  Help me please 13:23 02 Nov 2009

That worked perfectly and I've burnt my disk - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  tullie 15:03 02 Nov 2009

Anytime,please tick and resolved

  tullie 15:05 02 Nov 2009

Oops,sorry,youve done it.

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