I can't format a pen drive 512 mb

  nerawan 16:04 24 Nov 2010

I need to format a small pen drive. I use command pront and type Format I: and get a message 'The type of the file system is fat .Enter current volume label for I: .I press Enter or type Dos and get another message ' incorrect vol label was entered' .What is wrong. what exactly is VOLUME LABEL?.

  Batch 16:15 24 Nov 2010

Volume label is an 11 character name that you give to the drive. All of your drives will have a volume label (e.g. C, D etc. just go into Windows Explorer and look at the text before the drive letters.

I think you should be able to leave it blank though.

If your pen drive shows up in Windows Explorer, why don't you try formatting from there (just right click the drive letter and click Format)

  nerawan 20:14 24 Nov 2010

Hi Batch. I have not given any names. Maybe the letter asigned by the pc wich is I. I tried b4 using Wind Exp but it doesn't let me. It says the disk is write protected. Someone gave me this pen drive wich I need (max capacity 512 mb to be formatted in Fat and then be used to flush a bios). There are in it a few songs downloaded from the web and another file (the one that is square with a horizontal blue strip on the top) called ARES. I don't know if this is some kind of virus.

  Terry Brown 20:44 24 Nov 2010

Try this: (XP Instructions)

From RUN type in CMD and press enter
A black text box will appear on your screen.

type in Format I: (I being the drive letter of your thumb drive),If the drive has a name you will need to enter it, and press enter.

The easiest way to find the name is to open My Computer, and it will be there.

Confirm format.

Warning -- This is a DOS system and there is no going back, if you make an error and select the wrong drive, you will lose all the DATA on that drive.

  Terry Brown 20:45 24 Nov 2010

ARES is a Music download webpage (P2P), and may well have a virus or trogan on it.

  nerawan 21:48 24 Nov 2010

Hi Terry.
What you said is what I did at the begining. I have used Command Pronmpt and also trying to format thx My Computer-Format but not results. Maybe this file ARES is preventing it. A virus can preven formatting a pen drive?

  KremmenUK 07:12 25 Nov 2010

I always thought with 'Pen Drives' it was better to delete the volume then recreate it followed by a quickie format ?

Been years since I've needed to do this though.

  nerawan 17:51 25 Nov 2010

Hi Kremmen.
That made the trick. I re-name the volume ABC and made the quick format inmediately. Thanks

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