laptopdunce 21:10 28 May 2013

I am using a windows XP laptop, all of a sudden I find that I cant copy and paste, I can copy and paste a email address (for instance) into my notepad but then I copy and highlight it, it wont paste into the email address bar of hotmail, yahoo, or gmail, and I cant paste any text into the message part of an email, what can be wrong here? I have recently reloaded google chrome and had alot of trouble with various aspects of this process. How can I get the copy and paste function back again so it will work with hotmail, yahoo and all the things I want to paste back into? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  tonyq 11:35 29 May 2013

Have you been using right click to copy/paste?, if you have try "Edit" copy/paste, to see if it makes any difference.

  lotvic 11:54 29 May 2013

might be a silly question from me, but are you clicking in the field first so the Paste function knows where to paste into?

  laptopdunce 14:50 29 May 2013

I think I am copying and pasting correctly, I highlight the text on any page, email/website etc., and with the left ear of the mouse I highlight it all and then let go of the left "ear" the text stays highlighted in bright blue, then I right click on the right "ear" of the mouse and the little drop down menu appears, with the left ear of the mouse I left click and the highlighted text disappears, so that when i come to paste that piece of text somewhere I just right click on the page where I want to deposit the copied text and the little menu appears on the page and I left click on the mouse for "paste" and the earlier copied text appears on the page I want to deposit it in, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  compumac 14:55 29 May 2013

Try -Highlight all text to be copied. Whilst highlighted press and hold Control key and press the 'C' key. (Copy) Release keys. Move to area to be pasted to. Press and hold Control key and press the 'V' key. (paste)

  laptopdunce 15:43 02 Jun 2013

I am not in UK at present so cant check this on my laptop there, it only seems to be a problem on that particular laptop as my other one in UK is fine, will get back to this when I am physically there to test this, thnaks LAPTOPDUNCE

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