i can't access my gmail email from my android mobi

  habs2habs 21:44 22 Mar 2011

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i have LG GT540 smartphone,with android OS.

the problem is i can't access my gmail email address from my mobile phone.

everytimes i tried to access my gmail email address from mobile phone,it asked me to put the password.

i am putting the right password from my mobile,but it keep asking me to put the right password.

if i go to my laptop,and go to gmail email address ,type username and password(it worked with no problem)

Why gmail password.
works with my laptop not with mobile?

another problem:

My mobile phone sometimes works so slowly,example:if i want to write email,it took me about 2 minutes,to be able to write text.

can you please help me

i hope to hear from you very soon

thank you so much in advance

  Woolwell 22:26 22 Mar 2011

Are you using the gmail app?
Is the account under setting correctly set up?

Slow writing is due to limitation of phone. Is 2.2 available for the LG?

  habs2habs 06:58 23 Mar 2011

thank you for your reply.

Yes i am using gmail apps

Is the account under setting setup correctly:
please,how can i set it up correctly

i have version:2.1 OS.

there is no upgrade to version 2.2 yet

i hope to hear from you very soon

thank you again

  Woolwell 10:10 23 Mar 2011

You should have a settings app and in this there will be accounts and sync. You need to ensure that you have a Google account set up there. It will appear as your e-mail address. Then make sure that you have it to sync e-mail.

  habs2habs 07:26 24 Mar 2011

hi again

on my mobile phone,there is (black triangle icon,with explaination mark in it)

when i click on it,it says (sign in error for my email:gmail.com

when i click on the error,it asked me to type the password for my gmail account.nothing worked.

On manage my account,on my mobile mobile:
on my gmail account it says: Sync error
-Sync contact
-Sync Google mail
-Sync Calender
All of them there are RED explaination mark
Sync is currently experiencing problems,it will be back shortly

I have been seeing this error for 3 weeks

i even tried to create another gmail account from my mobile phone (nothing worked

an error come up saying:
can't established a reliable data connection to the server
This could be a temporary problem,or your phone may not be provisioned for data services,if it continue call the customer services

can you please help me

thank you again

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