I can't access my files after XP problem

  Siberian Winter 00:06 05 Aug 2007

Help! I've been having problems with XP for a while, and always intended to back up everything before reinstalling. Unfortunately, XP threw its hand in before I got round to it. I attempted to repair using the installation CD, but got the blue screen of death - not good. I eventually made a new installation of XP on a second internal hard drive, so I can at least have something running. My problem is, I had my user files set to 'not share', so I can open the 'Documents & Settings' folder of the broken installation, but I can't open my user folder. My wife's stuff is OK, she had her folders set to 'share', so I can back them up, but I can't access mine. All my desktop stuff, My Documents, E-mails, all of that is inaccessible. Is there any way to get at my files if I can't repair the broken XP? I know it's all my own fault, but any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:01 05 Aug 2007

and type in the box the following then click ok.

scanreg /now

  beeuuem 01:01 05 Aug 2007

You need to take ownership of the folders , see click here
If you are using XP Home Edition you will need to boot in safe mode to access the Security tab which is neccessary to take owmership.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:02 05 Aug 2007

That should be Scanreg /fix

This will take about 20 - 40 mins to run depends on how much and how well your machine runs

  gpzdave 01:13 05 Aug 2007

Hi S W

This can be done, unfortunatly, I cant think how I done this in the past, with the slave drive and with the CD, hopefully someone will come in and explain.
I learned the hard way years ago when I lost data, and now with XP, I have a partition for all documents. At least when you have to re-install your dox are safe. If you do get your data back, re-map your dox folder to a seperate partition{ use part/magic or similar} then that way your safe, that is until the drive fails, best of luck.

  Siberian Winter 20:50 05 Aug 2007

Using the help from you all, I've rescued my files. It wasn't quite as easy as it looked, but I managed it. I'm using XP Pro, and I had to go into safe mode to get the security tab, then ..... it's a long story, but I prevailed with your help. Thanks again.

  Siberian Winter 06:37 07 Aug 2007


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