I cannot change my display settings

  yvie 10:45 05 Nov 2007

Hi all wonder if anyone can help?

I have been having annoying problems with my pc for months, this being one of them.

WHether I right click the desktop and choose properties or whether I go to control panel to do it, all it will let me do is change from windows classic/xp or choose my own picture. There are no options to change fonts colours etc at all. Even if I access it through my computer.

I have run chkdsk /f and last night ran scannow which told me some of my sp 2 files were corrupted.

I looked for sp 2 in add/remove and it wasnt there, (how did THAT disappear?) I used search and it didnt show there either so I downloaded sp2 again and installed it again. NOW its showing on add/remove with 2 different numbers next to them!

I have been considering just restoring the pc from scratch as theres obviously something happening that avg a/v, spybot/adaware/A2/stinger are not finding?

Its not running slow. But yesterday the 2 little tv screens on the taskbar disappeared! But I still connected to the internet! They are back now I have rebooted this morning.

I am using XP by the way


  howard64 14:00 05 Nov 2007

if you cannot change your display settings this could indicate that the driver for your video card has become corrupted. Either use the original cd that came with the card to reinstall the drivers or better still find the latest driver from the manufacturer.

  yvie 15:51 05 Nov 2007

OK thank you I will try that


  brundle 15:56 05 Nov 2007

Do you mean the tabs are actually missing? Appearance, Settings etc?
Re-enable them with this;click here

  yvie 16:15 05 Nov 2007

Yes the tabs are missing. Just able to change the picture and to/from classic/xp. I will try that thank you.

I have updated my drivers but that didn't work. But Im sure updating was a good thing anyway so thanks for that reminder.


  yvie 17:19 05 Nov 2007

I used that, rundle, but it only gives me the options to REMOVE the tabs, not put them back.

Ive typed it all into google and there is a registry thing to do but none of it is in the registry anyway! There is a 'shell' folder but it doesnt tell me anything. When I click on it, a line in the right pane says 'ab default reg _sz default'

but nothing else.

ALso a couple of times I have logged into this site, the page just completely disappears!

I am determined to try and resolve this as restoring to factory settings scares me to death.


  brundle 17:23 05 Nov 2007

You tick remove, click Apply, then untick to replace, click Apply.

  brundle 17:23 05 Nov 2007

*tick to remove (even though they're already removed)

  yvie 17:53 05 Nov 2007

Thanks, Sorry didnt occur to me to do that!

ok did that...twice...rebooted both times, and no change.

Thanks for your help


  brundle 17:55 05 Nov 2007

OK...this might affect precisely the same bits of the registry but worth a try; #285, 2nd column click here
Restore All Display Tabs

  yvie 18:11 05 Nov 2007

Right....sorry to be so daft, but what do I do with it?

I have opened it, but do not follow what I have to do next.

Also while Im here, I have problems using my system restore...it will not let me go back to the previous month not sure if thats related at all.

THanks again for helping me with this


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