doni123 00:54 20 Dec 2007


I am having trouble (big time) in adding a new boradband connection. I don't know whats going on. I am going to my network connections, under network tasks I am clicking Create a new connection and then clicking next in the first window that shows up. When the window saying CONNECT TO THE INTERNET appears, I hit next but it does not move on???? It just stays there and I can not proceed. I have tried a diiferent method, by using the network wizrd and I actually creatd the broadband but when I try to open it, IT DOES NOT OPEN??



  Kemistri 01:04 20 Dec 2007

I assume that, since you're posting in this forum, you are using a network (either Ethernet or wireless, router, switch, whatever) so you don't need to create a connection. If it's an Ethernet network, the connection is already there and if its a wireless network, you just connect to it from the icon in the system tray.

  doni123 01:07 20 Dec 2007

I am using a slow 550 MHz pc right now so thats why I want to transfer this connection to my laptop. The prodvider said that I need to install the boradband connnection in my laptop first for them to be able to see my MAC adress and give me permission to use the internet.
I hope this helps,

  Kemistri 01:12 20 Dec 2007

No, it doesn't help much. Are you using a network?

  ambra4 16:27 20 Dec 2007

Are you on Cable broadband or ASDL broadband from the phone line?

Do you have a wireless router that you want to connect to allow the laptop to access the Internet?

Or are you trying to connect the laptop via the Lan port using an Ethernet cable

If using Cable broadband you need to do the following

Most domestic cable ISPs have the cable modem configured to recognize only one client computer by the MAC address of its network interface.

Once the cable modem has learnt the MAC address of the first computer that talks to it, it will not respond to another MAC address in any way.

Thus if you swap one PC for another PC or a router, the new router will not work with the cable modem, because the router has a different MAC address to the PC.

You need to power off the Cable Modem, Router, and the Computer,

Connect the Cable modem to the router via the Ethernet port to the router wan port connect a second Ethernet cable from port 1 on the router to the lan card on the computer.

(IMPORTANT You must wait for the server to release the Mac address)

Wait 30 minutes

Power on the cable modem, once it has rebooted and gone fully online all indicator lights settled down,

Power on the router and wait until has fully rebooted.

Power on the computer and wait until it is fully rebooted

You should now able to access the router via the browser

If not using a router just connect the modem Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the computer

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