I can´t get the slideshow to centre

  PawlEnglish 13:49 23 Apr 2014

on my index page

click here looks fine on my PC but when I view my ipad it´s now sitting snugg up to the left hand side, it leans to the left

I have been working and toiling for some time but I can´t see where the problem is, with a table or some grotty coding, as it is it´s make by sticking some wood and glue together, please help

cheers Pawl


  LastChip 03:40 07 May 2014

It's because it's not coded correctly.

To be honest there are so many errors on that page it's difficult to know where to start.

There's a meta tag outside of the closing head tag.

There are missing closing anchor tags on your slide-show list.

There's a missing div in your Design: table

div align="center" is depreciated as your doctype tag indicates it's supposed to be an html5 page - you need to use css coding.

alt tags are missing from images - not critical.

And that's only the tip of the iceburg.

Using tables in html5 unless there's very good reason, I wouldn't go there and in the context you're using them is unnecessary.

Frankly, it needs to be designed properly from scratch. You summed it up nicely when you said it was made from wood and glue!

Believe me when I say I'm not trying to be nasty. But you need to know the truth.

The positive side is, the images are very nice.

  PawlEnglish 19:12 07 May 2014

I know Lastchip, I just self taught myself, found and adapted things from other sites but the site is done I just need to move it across. Is there no one thing that solves this issue, and I'm glad you like the pictures

Cheers Pawl

  LastChip 20:04 07 May 2014

No one thing, but inserting the missing /div and anchor tags may help and you MUST use css for centring.

The trouble is, browsers use varying degrees of rendering power and even when a page is coded correctly, sometimes there are still issues on a site page when checking in different browsers.

Unless you get the code correct, there are always going to be issues. Incorrect code in one part can have a diverse effect on another, so everything in some respects is interlinked.

You'd probably be better off using something like this to code your site. It's free, though they will pester you from time to time to upgrade. But it will write the code for you and be reasonably compliant across browsers. You could still use the same design, but let the software do the coding for you.

Yes there's a learning curve, but once learnt, it can be a resource worth it's weight in gold for those who do not understand how manual coding should be done.

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