I can receive but not send e-mail

  romeohotel 16:29 06 Jul 2003

I have just purchased a new laptop to relpace my ageing desk top. I have carefully put my isp co-ordinates into the new pc. I can connect to the internet, receive e-mails but not send. i ge the message 'your server has disconnected the connection'this is not true as I can still surf.
Everything works OK on the original desktop hence able to send this message. The laptop has Windows XP home and I use Outlook Express.
Could there be a conflict as I still have the desktop set up? I have Norton Internet security and have tried disabling the firewall, the XP firewall is not enabled, this makes no difference.
Any advice gratefully received.

  Lú-tzé 16:34 06 Jul 2003

Are you sure that you have the correct details for the SMTP server - it will need to be the same one as your desktop. BT for example is mail.btinternet.com or mail.btopenworld.com

  Rayuk 16:53 06 Jul 2003

As above recheck your settings.
The server mentioned will most probably be the email server which is different to the web server

  Valvegrid 17:12 06 Jul 2003

What ISP are you using for your email?


  palinka 18:29 06 Jul 2003

check all your settings against what they are on your old machine. I had a similar problem, discovered I'd typed an @ where there should have been a . But took me 3 hours to discover this!

  consultik 19:13 06 Jul 2003

Same problem, but I get a different message - can't remember exactly what. I use a variety of different ISP's in Europe to receive my BT mail, but have to use webmail to send anything. As far as i can tell my email is correctly set up (I've checked this several times), but I did get some advice once that I should try SENDING via the ISP email server rather than the BTinternet one. I've never got round to trying this.

  Valvegrid 19:20 06 Jul 2003

Hi Paul,

I live in France and my ISP is
click here I have been to their setup pages and copied their settings exactly. If I go to their homepage and click webmail I can send and receive on that, but not using Outlook Express (clue??)
Any advice received with thanks.


My reply:

Hi RH,

I'll post your message to me on your thread on PCA if I may. I'm sure that way you will airing your problem to a wider audience for greater assistance.

Just one thought, some servers require the little box ticked that says "My server requires authentication" which is in the Accounts>Properties and click on the servers tab.

Thank you for your email, nice speaking to you.

Kind regards


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