I can browse but not download!!

  Stressed Mum 21:06 26 Jul 2010

Working with Dell Laptop XP..Always used to be able to download without problems but just recently (my daughter tells me longer - it's her laptop, and when trying to watch ITV player the connection kept fropping) you cannot keep the connection once you start downloading. I have tried just about every forum on the net and twiddled around with all sorts to no avail. Router Netgear and firmware up to date. I am lost now. Can't system restore back further than yesterday. I think I would like to just rest the wireless card (?) back to default settings and start again - but don't really know what I am talking about!! Have the same problem whether using Chrome (which we love) Firefox, Safari or IE.Would really appreciate your help. Thanks. SM:(

  northumbria61 22:21 26 Jul 2010

don't have ITV Player but there are some Q & A for it which may help - click here

Also do you have the LATEST version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 - download from here - click here

** Make sure if/when you download the above you UNTICK where it says "Also Install Free McAfee Security Scan" **

  Technotiger 22:25 26 Jul 2010

Try re-setting the Router by switching off the Routers Power, or disconnecting its Power lead. Wait 10-15 seconds then re-connect and re-start the Router. Not guaranteed, but does sometimes work.

  Stressed Mum 23:01 26 Jul 2010

OK - thanks will try the router - as for the ITV player - it used to work fine - but it is more to do with actual downloads not completing - the connection drops before I have time to save the file and install - I was wanting to update itunes, ccleaner, avg etc - and as soon as the upgrade starts to download - it fails! I am sure this is something to do with the wifi card settings - I'll get back to you on the router reconnection. Going to try it now.

  Stressed Mum 23:18 26 Jul 2010

No luck with the router being switched off. Tried twice to no avail. The wireless icon shows connected with very good status level, but as soon as a download link is hit the connection fails, just for a few seconds - then reconnects again.Never stays connected long enough to download the complete file.

  Technotiger 09:52 27 Jul 2010

In IE go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections and make sure that 'Never dial a connection' Setting, shows a dot.

  Technotiger 09:54 27 Jul 2010

Or, it could be that your Security settings are set too high, you could try lowering the settings in IE - Tools>Internet Options>Security ....

  Stressed Mum 10:41 27 Jul 2010

Thanks - checked that and the Never Dial Connection does have a dot in it.

  Stressed Mum 10:44 27 Jul 2010

Got security settings on default - medium high. Does this only affect IE? We don't use IE very often - it at all - only for Windows updates.

  beynac 10:54 27 Jul 2010

Have you checked with your ISP? If you have been using ITV Player a lot, you may have exceeded your limit and they may be restricting your connection for downloads.

  Stressed Mum 11:10 27 Jul 2010

no - that's absolutely fine - ISP is Zen and I have a status usage bar telling me how much we have used. Never reached the limit yet!

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