Before I bite the Bullet to XP.

  DWANE PYPE 17:44 28 May 2005

Is the procedure the same as reformatting the HDD, and then instead of putting the ME CD in, put the XP CD in stead. I have saved all what I want to save to CD, but will I be able to put then on to XP with out any to much bother.

I have not been able to find any upgrade to XP drivers on the sites for the following, HP940c printer, Epson Perfection 1260 scanner, so will XP recognize them, (I have the instillation CD’s.),and the CD/DVDrom. Also will Nero 5.5 work in XP.

As always any, help, hints & tips, greatly appreciated.


P.S This is a OEM Disc.

  VoG II 17:48 28 May 2005

click here

Check this first click here

  Border Collie 17:53 28 May 2005

Why not put your XP disc in and just update?

There are updated drivers for Epson printers and scanners on the Epson site. click here

Nero 5.5 will work with XP.

With XP you can go into Device Manager, choose your hardware and 'update driver', it will also automatically check the Windows update site for drivers, download and install them.

98SE was good, ME not so good, XP? Say no more.

  Border Collie 17:55 28 May 2005

Beaten to it by VoG™ - AGAIN!

B.C. }:(

  DWANE PYPE 22:12 28 May 2005

Thanks for the Replys. sorry for delay in getting back to you.

So am I right in thinking that I have to go into the bios to change the bootup to CD, then reboot, then follow the instructions on the XP disc.Can I make two partions C/D like I have now,and this way will save all my ME settings. (and without reformatting the HD).

Thanks Again.


  VoG II 22:17 28 May 2005

If you choose to make partitions you will lose all settings etc.

You can take the option to do an over the top installation in which case you will lose nothing (except ME). The purists will argue that a clean install is better but I have never seen any hard evidence for this.

  Dipso 22:44 28 May 2005

XP found the drivers for my elderly HP610c printer so I don't think you will have a problem.

  DWANE PYPE 22:48 28 May 2005

I'll do the over the top installation,and get another HD, as I said I've only got the OEM Disc, so if any thing goes wrong,can I use it again. And if it does,I have most of what I wanted to save on CDs.

Thanks Again


  Number 7 23:05 28 May 2005

As VoG™ says, install over Win ME.

You say you currently have a "C" and "D" partition.

Be carefull during the install that you install Win xp to the "C" partition- it should do this by default, but it has been known to go wrong if two or more partitions are available.

  DWANE PYPE 23:15 28 May 2005

Thanks for that,I'll bite the bullet, and let you all know how I got on tomorrow.



  dan11 01:09 29 May 2005

If you have an OEM version of windows, you cannot put an over the top installation.

The OEM version is for new installations, although buying a mouse qualifies for this.

To save all your files and drivers, you MUST have a separate partition before you start.Transfer all the important documents you want to save over to the partition. Go to click here with the login "drivers" and the password "all" and use the driver guide tool kit click here save the drivers to the partition. They may work for XP.

When you have done this you must boot from CD. You can then format the "C" drive to accept the OEM version. This will leave the extended partition intact and all your files and documents safe.

You can not do it from windows.

You will find XP a massive difference over M.E.


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