I badly need advice regarding my laptop please

  bethjess 06:07 23 Nov 2007

I badly need advice regarding my laptop please

I purchased a new laptop 6 months ago after i came to the end of my tether with the one which i use to use (and eventually gave away to a friend for her university work), causing constant problems such as crashing and the dvd rewriter failing and ultimately the harddrive totally dying after only 2 years. I was awaiting the return of the older one which had been sent off for repair for the 4th time in only 2 years and after hearing nothing after 6 weeks and getting no sense from the people who were meant to be repairing it, i thought id cut my losses and buy a new one. Because the 1st one had cost me a grand (includes 5 year cover plan), i thought i would go for a cheaper one , but now i seriously wish i hadnt for a few reasons including the fact that just 2 weeks after purchasing the new one the old one came back with a new hardrive fitted .

Anyway i am getting more and more problems developing with the new one, including

1)it refusing to do more then one thing at a time, ie if i am listening to an mp3 and trying to surf the internet or something it stops dead,

2)an annoying message saying" windows explorer has stopped working" appears frequently when i am in the middle of stuff and then everything going off ,

3) my windows media player has stopped working completely

4) my printer which worked fine with the xp system wont work atall with this despite downloading the new drivers, so i purchased a new one and this wont work either

5) The most annoying thing is that it wont even let me create the restore disk-there wasnt any windows disks with it when i bought it, because aparently they now expect you to make your own.

6 )aswell as this the system is very sluggish and my older one was much faster, and i am ashamed to admit that i have only just realized why, the machine runs vista basic and has only a 1.6 ghz processor and 446mb memory , while my old one running xp had a 512mb memory and 2.8 ghz processor and i could also run paint shop pro on it which I like to use but havent been able to since getting this one.

I contacted the people with whom i have the cover plan and all they said is do a packard bell reformat from the c drive . I did this and it has made no difference atall. So i contacted them again and they said nothing of any help atall. It seems i wasted my money and am continuing to do so because they are taking £7 per month direct debit from me for my insurance cover.

I just dont know what to do, should i try to sell this one or give it away,? or persevere with it?,

  iscanut 10:02 23 Nov 2007

For any Vista system, you need at least 1024Mb of memory but even then if your graphics card is accessing this ( and does not have its own dedicated memory) then even 1Gb is not enough. I would suggest that it has been mis-sold. Try and exchange it if you can or upgrade the memory. With it's current config, it's not up to the job, even Vista Basic !

  mikesuther 11:16 23 Nov 2007

Hi If i were you i would contact Packard bell and request a windows xp operating system. you may have to pay extra but it sounds as if it would be a better option. if for some reason they are unable to supply a disk i would make a back up of the drivers and buy a disk on ebay, while there i would also consider buying some extra ram as it sounds as the machine is relativley low spec. One thing though you say that your machine is a 1.6ghz processor, and that you think this is the reason for it being slow, but i would have thought the machine was a Duo core so it should be quite quick. Due to running vista it is unfair to compare with old machine as it would be quicker running xp. the reason the ram showed 446 is due to the memory being used by the graphics card which i would think is built in.

  Totally-braindead 11:17 23 Nov 2007

I'm afraid a friend of mine is in a similar boat, he bought a laptop with a Celeron processor similar speed to your I think with 512mb RAM and as you may know half of that was used to power the graphics. I bought a 1 gig memory module for him and now its quite a bit quicker, boot time has gone from about 4 minutes to about a minute and a half. And it does work better, he also has Vista Basic.

Hes happy with it but I'm afraid I am not even with the upgraded memory. Its slow.

I've come to the conclusion that the speed he has now is as good as its going to get.

Don't understand about the printer issue, as long as the printer had a Vista driver I've been able to get it going perfectly. Have you any way to test the USB ports to make sure that they are working as I wonder if its the laptop rather than the printer causing the problems?

  Pineman100 17:56 23 Nov 2007

Was your new laptop sold to you by a respectable company?

If so, I reckon you should be taking it back to them for a full refund. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, any product must be "of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose for which it is sold".

The spec of your laptop is entirely inadequate for running the Vista operating system that was sold with it. You should not have to spend money upgrading it - indeed I suggest that should *not* do so, because this would weaken your case for a refund.


  Pineman100 17:58 23 Nov 2007

Sorry about the strange "If" at the end. I don't know where that came from!

  bethjess 04:20 06 Dec 2007

Thanks for the replies to my message, i do appreciate it alot . I decided to contact the people with whom my insurance is with and asked them where i would stand with regards to my warranty if i were to have more memory fitted and they said as long as its fitted by pc world then there is no problem. So i took my laptop along this last monday and had it upgraded to 2 GB. THe system is okay so far and i can now even listen to mp3s while on the internet etc something which i could never do before because it stopped dead.

THanks again


  pc mike 09:55 11 Dec 2007


  wee eddie 11:22 11 Dec 2007

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