I am on NTL Cable Broad Band and I want ..........

  Fatbelly 21:09 19 Feb 2006

Hi All,
I am on NTL Cable B/B and I want to go wireless from my NTL box to my PC, my wife is fed up of the internet cable and wants no cables to spoil the look of the front room. The distance from the NTL box to my PC is about 15 feet but through an inner wall.

What ways/products do you good people recommend?
Many Thanks

  keewaa 21:22 19 Feb 2006

15 feet through an inner wall should be no problem. Go for an ordinary wireless g router such as Netgear WGR614 click here with WG311 click here

  Fatbelly 21:29 19 Feb 2006

Thanks Keewaa,
How difficult is all this to set up?
I have a basic knowledge of computers , but absolutely no knowledge of routers etc

  keewaa 22:09 19 Feb 2006

Quite easy if you follow the instructions. Here's the manual click here

  Strawballs 22:59 19 Feb 2006

I use a linksys but they are all similar in use you will have to connect the router to the Set top box or modem with a short wire of the same type as the one your wife is complaining at the moment and untill it has been setup you will have to connect the computer direct to the router with a wire of the same tyoe again setup the router following the instructions with the router and don't forget security then you will be able to disconnect and use wirelessly.

  FreddyNoFriends 01:29 20 Feb 2006

Fatbelly - I have the identical set-up with NTL, etc.
Following good advice, I bought a Belkin "G" 802.11g router (click here) and a Belkin Wireless G network card (click here). The whole lot cost me about £60.

As for setting it up, in a nutshell, the wire that currently comes out of your cable modem and plugs into the back of you computer, simply plugs into the back of the router instead. The router needs it's own power source so you'll need to have a power socket available for it.

The network card (if you dont have one already installed) goes into a slot on your motherboard and is really easy to fit.

If you dont want to open your machine and have a free USB slot, you could buy a Dongle instead (click here) and simply plug it into your machine. It's not as good as the network card but in my experience, if you only have 15ft and one wall to worry about it should work fine. My daughter has on on her machine and it works reasonably well through four walls/floors over a distance of about 50 feet. I have 2Mbs broadband and when on the internet I can rarely tell the difference between the speed of my machine (2 feet from the router) and hers.

I had little experience of this stuff either, but the above was a real doddle to set up - thanks to advice I was given!!

One tip - when you've installed the router and the network card, use the software supplied with the card to search for networks. (It should do it automatically anyway when you power up your machne after installing the network card/dongle). If you live in a built up area you may find more than just your own router signal (i.e. network), and you may wish to encrypt your network to stop anyone else using your bandwidth.
If you follow the instructions, thats pretty easy too and is simply a case of making up a large password/encryption key which you will need to enter into any other computers you wish to allow internet access via your router.

Hope that helps...

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