I am in need of a decent ISP!!!

  minter 17:33 10 Mar 2003

Have had Freeserve Anytime for quite a while now, but lately am starting to fall asleep waiting for stuff to come through the little wires that connect my computer to Freeserve.

Cannot get Broadband because there are not enough homo sapiens in the area to enable BT to make it profitable.

Has anyone out there had experience of any other ISP's who offer an "anytime" service which would keep me awake.

Tried to download a 1.5mb item this afternoon, and after 45 minutes was having to use match sticks to stay awake.

Any ideas, help, suggestions (of a reasonable variety) would be appreciated.

  Diemmess 17:38 10 Mar 2003

Someone has to stick up for Aol!

It is a different way of life and those who criticise it are often those who are used to almost any other ISP.

I have no complaints, but then my only previous experience awarded 1 out of 100 was with the early days of Compuserve. That seemed all pay pay pay and no result. It put me off for 2 years.

  jazzypop 17:38 10 Mar 2003

Go to click here and use the ISP Wizard - take note of the user comments and ratings

  Terrahawk 17:38 10 Mar 2003

before going bb used to use bt anytime without any probs

  rct 17:44 10 Mar 2003

click here

Reliable, fast and you know where you stand with cut-offs, fair use etc. If you do decide to sign up please contact me 1st so that I can get a reccomendation bonus ;-)

  he he :-)™ 16:16 11 Mar 2003

I'm am a person who sticks up for AOL so jion them or i'll change my name from he he:-)™ to AOL freak ™ :-)... actually i'll do that now.

  AOL mad ™ 16:20 11 Mar 2003

I decided 2 make it AOL mad ™ instead.

  colberly 17:43 11 Mar 2003

Well here's another AOL user who is very happy with them. No cutoffs, fair helpline if needed, although I do tend to come here if I have any problems. I am on their 24/7 tarriff so no large phone bills either.

  jorf 18:25 11 Mar 2003

I use F9.co.uk
They are fair, will host website, even gave me a domain name for 2 years free. 20 hours a week for £8.99 a month.local 0845 for helpline. If you want more details email me.

  rct 18:33 11 Mar 2003

In case you were wondering, F9 and PlusNet are one and the same company!

  AndySD 18:41 11 Mar 2003

I used Nildram for many years as it was the gamers choice for ISP's in this country due to its rock steady/fast connections. But you pay extra for it. click here

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