I am a little bit confused....

  Ade_1 16:47 02 Sep 2005

This may be very simple but when i go into my computer and i right click on C: one option is FORMAT, if i was to do that what would it do? I am not entirly sure, i thought it may have something to do with freeing up space. But if anyone can offer any assistance on this that would be great thanks....

  VoG II 16:55 02 Sep 2005

Format wipes the drive.

Actually if you try this from within Windows on the drive on which Windows is installed then it should not let you.

But I wouldn't try it anyway.

  Ade_1 16:57 02 Sep 2005

Ok thanks. I wouldnt want to do anything bad. Thanks for advice becasue i wasnt sure about that..

  Diodorus Siculus 17:58 02 Sep 2005

If you want to free up space, get crapcleaner from click here and run it; amazing how much space is taken up by temp files.

  stalion 19:44 02 Sep 2005

never run or delete anything if you are not sure
it's the main cause of members problems with their pc

  sattman 10:22 03 Sep 2005

Well said stalion. I think manual deletion, and installing and then unistalling some of the many rubbish games and utility programmes is the biggest cause of problems with computers. Especially those programmes that have no proper unistall routine.

  sattman 10:28 03 Sep 2005

ps. And I think I must start proof reading my replies before I post.

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